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Positioner 101 Training Class


We are proud to announce the graduates of our May Positioner 101 Training Class. From left to right: Andrew Greene (Technology Support Limited), John Simpson (Advanced Valve), Matthew Bender (Dixon Sanitary), Alex Reum (Dixon Sanitary), Patrick Foreman (DeZurik Marietta), Chris Hull (DeZurik Sartell)

Thank you to everyone who attended. We enjoyed having you and hope you left feeling more knowledgeable about, and more confident in, our product line. 

Our training classes are a great opportunity to learn more about our products while getting hands on experience in our shop. Click HERE for more information about what to expect during training.
        Our next training class is happening July 31-August 1! We would love to have you. Click here to register!
Success Story: VAC Helps Sugar Producer Improve Reliability and Reduce Downtime

A large Florida-based sugar plant has been a user of the VAC V100 Positioners for many years. On a regular visit to the plant it was mentioned that it would be useful to standardize and have more control valves to use the V100. They have many linear globe and segment ball rotary control valves on steam service. The OEM positioner for those valves is very expensive and not repairable on the valve causing excessive down time.

The VAC distributor provided retrofit kits for each valve type/model which included linkages, fittings, and all other small parts needed to install a V100 positioner on existing valves. The distributor made sure all the necessary components were grouped under one part number to simplify the ordering process for the maintenance department. These retrofit kits make it much simpler to replace the existing positioners with the VAC V100 and take advantage of the repairability of the V100. In fact, it takes less time to install a new V100 positioner than it does to replace the OEM positioner!

Using the V100 on more valves simplifies training and maintenance. With only two spare parts, maintenance can repair a V100 positioner, on the valve and in the field in just minutes using simple tools. The reduced downtime and higher reliability of the VAC V100 positioner will improve production during periods of higher sugar demand and do it at reduced cost to the plant!

VAC retrofit, reliability and repairability always mean reduced operating cost and downtime for you. Ask your local VAC stocking distributor how using VAC positioners on all of your control valves, regardless of brand or type, can help you have a more reliable plant and reduce costs.

TECH TIP: D400 Push Button Instructions
Our team recently put together a document of D400 Push Button instructions: Operating Level Configuration and Parameter Change. We've already received great feedback from this resource so we encourage you to check it out! Click HERE to view and download. 
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