September 2017 Newsletter
Dear HPN-ers,

We have gone through some hard times in our country in the past month, so please continue to pray for the many people who are in need. Thank you for joining us in prayer and thank you for your comments each month, after reading our prayer newsletters. It’s so helpful for us to hear your responses to our emails! We SO appreciate all of you! Let’s pray:

Hurricane Updates:

Please pray for the people in Barbuda, Puerto Rico, and Florida who were devastated by Hurricane Irma last week. HPN member in Jamaica, Maria, is giving God thanks for His mercy upon Antigua and Florida, and especially that lives were spared in Barbuda, which has been declared "uninhabitable." 
Our St. Augustine Chapter Director, Megan McCloud, says "We received power back tonight and have some water/mold damage but we are all safe. Please be praying for the restoration of St. Augustine and Jacksonville. We are truly blessed to have faired so well."

If you want to help, please contact Service International (link in the Harvey update below), for they are already helping meet the victims' needs! 
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Let’s help the Houston victims who are in great need after Hurricane Harvey – the 8th largest natural disaster in American history! There are two ways for you to assist.
        Hope City Church in Houston: Leslie Carcamo, our Houston HPN Local Chapter Director says, “I have personally seen the work they are doing and it is amazing, they have rescued a lot of people from high waters and are helping shelters around the city.” For more updates check out the HPN Houston Facebook page.
        You can also help through donating funds and/or items to Service International, a relief organization run by Pastor Jeff Perry, who also ministers to the creative community in Hollywood. His church’s non-profit service organization is amazing and he already has a team of people in Houston, on the ground, serving and rebuilding. Every dollar you give goes directly to Houston, so your monetary donations can be made by clicking the button below.
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• Pray for the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma
• We keep praising God for LEGACY - watch our 3 min. video
• HPN says Good-bye to Megan and Hello to Erin!
• Keep praying for our dear friends who are struggling with cancer
• Continue to pray for Dalian Wanda and the Chinese movie funds
• Let’s pray for our American newscasters and their impact on viewers
• The 69th Annual Emmy Awards air live this Sunday, Sept. 17th on CBS
• Please pray for the political tensions in Hollywood
• Pray for Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, who are recently separated
• Pray for Apple creative Executives Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg
• Pray for Mark Zuckerberg and the leaders at Facebook
• Pray for Fathers in our industry and the fatherless children
• Pray for HPN member Jill Kinnaman, who is fighting brain cancer
• Pray for the people and message of hope in the film The Florida Project
• Karen will be speaking at a Christian Arts Conference in England in Oct.
• Join the YouVersion App for the Hollywood Prayer Journal Devotional
• Don’t miss the upcoming events in our Hollywood community

LEGACY: An Evening of Honor and Prayer
We keep praising God for LEGACY and we want all of you to enjoy the recap of our May event that brought together over 400 industry professionals on a CBS Soundstage to celebrate God and honor His people in Hollywood. As you praise God for His faithfulness, take 3 minutes and look at the amazing things that God is doing in our industry in the video below.
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Thank You, Megan
HPN is saying goodbye to Megan Furnish, our Program Coordinator for the past 20 months. We are so grateful for her dedicated work running so many aspects of our ministry. If you know Megan, feel free to email her this week at Megan, we thank you for being such a joyful part of our team and we’ll miss you as you work now more full time in production.


Welcome, Erin
HPN welcomes Erin Batali, who is our new Program Coordinator. She is boldly taking on the work of both Veronica and Megan and we hope that all of you get to meet her. We’re excited to have her jump in and bring her vision to our work here in Hollywood. Please feel free to say hello to Erin at


Pray For Our Friends Fighting Cancer
Please keep praying for our dear friends and professionals Edie, Monsita, Marion, Brenda M., Jill, and Jen as they are all pushing through various stages of cancer. We are asking the Lord for complete healing for all of them so that they can continue to be salt and light in our city! But, great news for Brenda Salmon, who is now in remission. She wants to thank all of you praying for her. Your prayers made a difference!


Continue To Pray For Chinese Movie Funds
Continue to pray for Dalian Wanda and the heightened crackdowns by the Chinese government on his business deals with Hollywood. He represents the financial changes happening in China and its effect on our industry.
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Pray for American Newscasters
Let’s pray for our American newscasters. HPN prays not only for the storytellers but also the news tellers in our nation, for they have the ability to instill fear and panic based on how they present the news. Also, the difference in the approach to the news on the various channels is extraordinary. The three major networks and even the BBC seem to be covering different universes. Please pray that the newscasters would be fair and not exploitative in their news telling. Often, people hearing about a supposed "disaster" on the news become unnecessarily worried for their loved ones in the area. May the Lord touch the hearts of news producers, directors and newscasters as they pass on information to the world around them. They are affecting their viewers psychologically, as you can read about below.
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The Emmys, Airing Sunday the 17th
The 69th Annual Emmy Awards are airing live this Sunday, Sept. 17th on CBS, from the Microsoft Theatre in LA. Please pray for everyone involved in the television industry, both behind the scenes and those nominated for awards. Also, pray for this year’s host, Stephen Colbert, for it’s his first time hosting and he’s writing his own material as the Emcee of the show. We want God’s unconditional love, grace, peace and identity to be poured over the entire auditorium that evening. As you pray, check out how an Emmy is won, by clicking below.
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Political Tensions in Hollywood 
Please pray for the political tensions in Hollywood. People often associate Christianity with extremist right-wing political views, which becomes divisive. As HPN member, Trevor, expressed it: “It’s a hostile time in Hollywood to call oneself a Christian, and I don’t want to participate in or represent the bigotry and hypocrisy of either the Left or the Right.” HPN member Mary is praying “that HPN members speak out loudly on all media, talk shows, and news programs, the most beautiful directive of our Lord: 'LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS I HAVE LOVED YOU.' It is vital that the hatred, fear, name-calling and bigotry be declaimed.” We need the Lord to give Christians wisdom here to balance their faith with their politics. Pray that we can put our faith above our politics, with the guidance and vision of the Holy Spirit. 
Chris Pratt and Anna Faris
Pray for Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, who announced on social media last month that they were getting separated. It’s a sad time for many of us in the industry! Chris is an outspoken believer and is continuing to take his five-year-old son Jack to church, so let’s pray that the Lord will heal their marriage and bring their family back together. God can do anything and your prayers for the marriages in Hollywood can make an eternal difference!
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Pray for Creative Executives at Apple
Pray for Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg, two new creative Executives at Apple, as they commit to spending $1 billion this year on creating original programming to launch their own video streaming service. They plan to acquire and produce 10 new shows, adding to their two current shows, Carpool Karaoke and Planet of the Apps. Would you please pray for the decisions that Jamie and Zack make, as they jump into impacting the world through storytelling – the most powerful form of communication!
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Pray For Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook Leaders
Also pray for Mark Zuckerberg and the leaders at Facebook as they expand into producing over $1 billion worth of original programming over the next year. They are launching Watch feature, a programming guide hosted on Facebook to stream their episodic shows. Some think that this may be in response to Apple’s announcement to spend $1 billion on original programming.
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Pray For Fathers
Pray for fathers in our industry and the fatherless children. The hardest yet most crucial role in children’s lives is their Dad, and our industry is overflowing with broken homes and fatherless families. May we pray that the Lord heals relationships between fathers and their children and between fathers and their children’s mother!!! Two HPN members are addressing the need for fathers with this YouTube channel and this website. As you pray, if you’re moved to do something to help this epidemic issue, email and we’ll connect you with others who are passionate to help fatherless children and the fathers in Hollywood.

Pray For HPN Member Jill Kinnaman
Pray for HPN member Jill Kinnaman, who is fighting brain cancer. Her husband, David, is President of Barna Group, a leading research and communications company in LA., and Jill is in need of great prayer for healing. Click below for more info on how to pray for and help Jill.

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Pray For the Film The Florida Project 
Pray for the people working on the film and the message of hope in The Florida Project, a Cannes Film Festival film that opens in October and already has a 96% rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. The film is about a six year-old girl being raised by a stripper mother. It captures the innocence of children versus the darkness of some adult choices. HPN friends working on the film ask for your prayers. You can watch the trailer here.

Karen is Speaking at a Conference in England
Karen will be speaking at a Christian Arts Conference in England in October. The Diocese of London, in partnership with The Haven + London, are hosting the event on the Creative Arts. The event will be looking at creativity from a spiritual and psychological perspective, in seeking to equip both artists and the church to flourish in Spiritually Healthy Creativity. Let’s pray for this event and the eternal impact it will have on all of the speakers and attendees. Click below for more information on this event.

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Join YouVersion: HPN Prayer Devotional
Join the YouVersion App for the Hollywood Prayer Journal Devotional. This month we posted a 7 day devotional on FEAR! More great topics are already available to every HPN member and friend. Just go to YouVersion and type in either Hollywood Prayer Network or HPN!

Thanks so much for praying with us this month. Ohhhhh, what would we do without you???? Enjoy the start of the new TV Fall season and tell your friends to pray with HPN. Just have them go to and click JOIN US!

With love and thanks,
Karen, Erin, Kim and Sarah

Upcoming Events:

Sept. 28th: Hollywood Networking Breakfast
Don't miss the award winning Hollywood Networking Breakfast on Thursday, Sept. 28, 2017 at 8am. It is at the Garland Hotel in Studio City, with guest speaker BASIL IWANYK of Thunder Road Pictures.  Reservation required - click here.

Sept. 22nd - Oct 29th: The 39 Steps
The 39 Steps will soon be on stage at the Actors Co-op! From their website: "playwright Patrick Barlow has crafted a crazy, over-the-top spy novel-type mystery that will have you laughing and giggling and aha-ing in your seat. This six-time Tony Award nominee comes to life with flashes of Hitchcock movies, sprinkles of Monty Python humor, and a good dose of romance to boot." Click here to get tickets!
HPN Member Special - Private Pilates Sessions
If you would like private Pilates sessions in your own home, contact LAPPS, an HPN member who offers private sessions, any time, any place – just for HPN members. Be sure to tell them HPN sent you and the network will receive 25% of the proceeds! Email LAPPS HERE.
Sept. 26th - Oct. 22nd: Our Town
Our Town is on stage at the Playhouse from Sept. 26th to Oct. 22nd! This play, which won the 1938 Pulitzer Prize, tells the story of a small American town through the everyday lives of its citizens. Additionally, this play will be performed both in spoken English and American Sign Language! Visit the Playhouse's website for more details and to get tickets.

Community Calendar
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Video Of The Month​: 
As HPN members, let’s take an active step to heal the racial divide in our nation. Pastor Dennis Rouse expresses this message in a powerful way…

Watch it HERE!

Tip Of The Month
Do you struggle with people you know who “Fail up?”
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Quote Of The Month
"The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark."
— Michelangelo
Verse Of The Month
Teach the older men to be temperate, worthy of respect, self-controlled, and sound in faith, in love and in endurance.
Titus 2:2

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