General Conference News

February 25, 2019


Top: Left to right: Randy Frye, Bob Lockaby. John Tate, Will Cantrell, Becky Hall, Carol Wilson

Bottom Left: Del Holley and Kim Goddard

Bottom Right: Emily Ballard and Sandra Johnson



Day 2 is in the books, and Day 3 has begun. We have spent time in prayer and worship, and now we are moving into a time of debate and voting. Our delegation has been working hard and continue asking for your prayers. Yesterday, the delegates prioritized the order in which they would discuss and debate items. Be sure to follow what's happening on our GC News blog.


The mood has definitely shifted. For the past two days, as delegates and observers made their way to the Dome, there was plenty of laughter and chatter throughout. However, as we entered the building this morning there was a hush amoung the crowd that spoke volumes. It seems as if the anxiety level is much higher, and this makes me ever more thankful for the day of prayer and worship we had on Saturday. While I have read some comments saying we were "wasting precious time," I cannot even begin to imagine what our atmosphere would be like if we hadn't taken time to center on God and God's will for this conference.


This morning our delegates were greeted with another beautiful prayer written by Anne Travis:


God of grace and God of Glory, on thy people pour your power. This morning we are grateful for a night of rest. We are grateful for the gift of this day, and we are grateful for the gift of each delegate here — Kim, Del, Sandra, Emily, Carol, Becky, Wil, John, Randy, Bob, Mark, Karen, Paul, Joyce, Jerry, and John. Guide us today as we do important work. Give us patience, discernment, clarity, wisdom, and a deep desire to seek your will for our church, not our will. May we feel your Holy Spirit in our work. May we reflect the love of your son Jesus in our work. May we love you and each person here more deeply through our work. All these things we ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.


As the day goes on, I anticipate there may be moments of contention. Your prayers throughout the day can and will help strengthen our delegates to do the work God is calling them to do. 


Be Hope,


Tim Jones

Director of Communications

Holston Conference of The United Methodist Church


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Holston Delegates

Top row, left to right: Emily Ballard, Rev. Wil Cantrell, Rev. Mark Flynn, Rev. Randy Frye.

Middle row: Rev. Kim Goddard (leader), Becky Hall, Del Holley, Rev. Sandra Johnson.

Bottom row: Bob Lockaby, John Tate, Rev. Carol Wilson, Karen Wright.

Alternates, not pictured: Rev. Paul Seay, Rev. Jerry Russell, Joyce Moore, John Eldridge.


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