July 6, 2017
Pinecrest Summer Camp
We're pining for Pinecrest. Registration is open for Pinecrest Lutheran Leadership Camp! This Lutheran summer camp inspires young adults in their leadership and faith formation. From August 13-20, come to camp to meet new people, enjoy games, and explore faith. Ages 15-25 welcome. 

One Pinecrest camper, CarolAnn Miller from Our Saviors Church, "fell in love with it". She has formed some of her best friendships there and grown in her faith through those relationships. "It's an amazing, unique place -- a place I wish everyone could experience." We invite you to experience Pinecrest this summer like CarolAnn did.

Registration forms can be found here.
Summer Suppers
With Summer Suppers happening soon, we want to make sure everyone is signed up. Summer Suppers is a celebration of community and all are welcome, the old and the young, Spanish speakers and English speakers, the seeker and the faith-filled. Whatever your level of comfort or experience with another language, it is a place to learn and understand God safely in your community.

Come as you are to Summer Suppers and experience a meal and laid back service that will fill you up (literally and figuratively). At Summer Suppers you don't need to bring forth your faith, it comes and sweeps you away. At Advent there aren't many opportunities that make us totally united, but Summer Suppers brings every age and language to engage fully together.

Summer Suppers will run Wednesdays from July 12 to August 16. Be sure to stop by one night, 4:30pm for Toddler Time, and 5:30 pm for the meal. 

You can view the full schedule and register online on our website, or pick up a registration form on the back table in the sanctuary.
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