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Week of July 8, 2018

[Above] Canterbury member Susan Weeks pauses to paint the beautiful summer lilies in Canterbury's front garden.
From the Rector

Beloved of God,

When I used to teach Godly Play, we would refer to this long liturgical season after Pentecost as the "great green growing season."  We are still in the early days of a "great green growing season" at Canterbury.  As we move into an extended sabbatical season at Canterbury, for rector and congregation, alike, we may be uncertain about exactly what seeds have been planted, and exactly which plants will take root.  We may be uncertain about exactly when they will bloom, or exactly what glorious fragrances and colors will burst forth to surprise and delight us in the coming months.  

Fred & JoAnn Chreist, the Canterbury members who so faithfully tend Canterbury's flower garden each week, can surely attest to the mysterious alchemy of hard work and grace; of expectation and surprise; involved in growing a garden.  May the gradual unfolding of Canterbury's front flower garden be an icon of the glorious growth and blossoming; undergirded by the alchemy of hard work and grace; that awaits each one of us, the whole household of Canterbury, and God's mission in, with, and among us, during this "great green growing" sabbatical season.

You will remain in my heart and prayers during this season.  I can't wait to see what will take root, grow, and blossom at Canterbury during my absence.



PS In case you missed the emails earlier this week, you can read the Rector Sabbatical Announcement here; and Meet our Sabbatical Season Priest here.
Enjoy and share...

What is my baggage? Where is my staff? Who are my partners?
  •  Questions for further prayer and reflection this week:
  • What is the work Jesus is sending you out to do?
  • What "baggage" do you need to let go/leave behind so that you can reach out for and take hold of the support that you really DO need--the support God has, in fact,  already provided-- for the journey and work  set before you?
  • Where  is your staff (walking stick)? Where is the support God has given you for this journey?
  • Who are the partners God has given you for this work?

In person at Canterbury and on facebook live at:

For a complete list of scheduled events at the church, including weekly 12 step meetings and outside groups, visit our Church Calendar Page

Wednesday, June 11th
11AM Intercessory Prayer (Offsite, contact Warren Smith)

Sunday, July 15th
9AM & 11:30AM Building the Beloved Community at Canterbury (Parish Hall, Contact Shelley Drake)
11:30AM Vestry Meeting

Thursday, July 19th
9AM-NOON Homelessness Education Event: Community Members in Crisis (Offsite: Cathedral of St. John, 318 Silver Ave. SW. )
Sponsored by Heading Home. Hosted by the Cathedral. Learn basic crisis prevention and intervention skills, including how to effectively respond to people suffering with mental illness, trauma, and/or homelessness.  Please RSVP to Fr. Chuck Jones at chuck@stjohnsabq.orgClick here for facebook event with more details.

July 20-22:
Canterbury Camino Mountain Retreat: Exploring the Gospel of Matthew and the Spiritual Challenge of Change. Questions/RSVP to Robert Lauer. by July 8.

Saturday, July 21
9:30AM Deanery Meeting (Offsite, at St. Francis, Rio Rancho)
9AM Spiritual Mini-Retreat (Questions/RSVP to Shelley Drake)

Sunday, July 22nd
9AM & 11:30AM Building the Beloved Community at Canterbury (Parish Hall, Contact Shelley Drake)

Sunday, July 29th
9AM & 11:30AM Building the Beloved Community at Canterbury (Parish Hall, Contact Shelley Drake)

August 4th
9AM-4PM Vestry Retreat w/CLAD (Congregational Life & Development Team)

  • August 3 & 31: Board Game Nights at Canterbury
  • August 10 & 11: Canterbury Rummage Sale (Fundraiser)
  • August 18: Canterbury Spiritual Retreat Day (Art & Prayer Retreat exploring the Gospel of Mark & Suffering)
CANTERBURY NEWS                  

    Important Sabbatical Contacts
    Our rector will be on an extended sabbatical through January 2019. In her absence, please contact

    Priest in Charge: Fr. Ted Curtis,
    Sr. Warden: Warren Smith,, 505-916-6860
    Jr. Warden: Dick Steele,, 505-294-1846
    Campus Ministry Intern: Victor Torres,, 505-250-2570
    General Messages: 505-247-2515 (call/text)

    Monthly Treasurer's Report

    Thanks to an ongoing pattern of faithful stewardship at Canterbury, we continue to run a surplus budget for 2018.  If we continue to show a surplus through the end of that year, that surplus will be put to good use--to further support outreach efforts, and to replenish our nearly depleted building fund.  Thanks you for your ongoing generosity. Questions about Canterbury's finances? Contact Treasurer Dave Tod at anytime!

    Current Year (As of 6/30/2018)

    Income Year to Date - $92,580.00

    Expenses Year to Date - $85,418.46

    Excess – $7,161.54


    Last Year, for comparison (As of 5/31/2017)

    Income Year to Date - $88,982.24

    Expenses Year to Date - $79,116.85

    Excess - $9,865.39

    Hear what the Spirit is saying to God's People

    The word is very near you; it is on your lips and in your hearts...

    On Sylvia+'s first Sunday at Canterbury (July 5, 2015) we invited everyone in worship to listen for a word or phrase in the readings that spoke to our best hope or prayer, or God's greatest dream and call for us, as we moved together into a new day in our life as a household of faith. Three years later (July 1, 2018) we did the same exercise (with the same 6 hymns and 8 readings selected for Independence Day). You can read a complete list of the words and phrases the people of Canterbury shared, and compare the lists from 2015 and 2018 in this week's blogpost.  Hear what the Spirit is saying to God's people. 

    Canterbury passes the "Good News" baton 
    Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight and the sin that clings so closely,* and let us run with perseverance the race that is set before us...(Hebrews 12:1)
    In baptism we are each called to "proclaim by word and example the GOOD news of God in Christ." Following the good example of our Sr. Warden, Warren Smith, we are all taking turns "proclaiming the Good News" at Canterbury during each Sunday service, at the end of announcements (immediately before the offertory.)  Each week a different member of Canterbury will take a moment to stand up and share the Good News of what God is doing in their life, in our world, and especially in our church--then they will pass the "Good News"  baton to another member who will stand up and take their turn proclaiming the Good News of God in Christ at Canterbury the following week. 

    TODOS takes a Summer Break
    TODOS has decided to take a brief summer break.  We want a few weeks to reconnect with the Sunday Morning Community and gear up for the new program year/school year. TODOS will be on sabbatical from 7/2-8/5.  TODOS will resume on Sunday, August 12th, when we welcome UNM students back to campus! 

    Canterbury's Annual Jumble Sale
    August 10-11, 2018

    We need lots of help for our Annual Jumble Sale fundraiser! This is one of 3 fundraisers Canterbury depends on each year to help fund the general operating expenses of the church. (Mother's Day Tea in May, Jumble Sale in August, Arts & Crafts Fair in September). 

    Here's how you can help:

    1)  DONATE ITEMS:  We will take just about anything that is saleable except for clothing.  PLEASE, no clothing. Please try to hold off bringing your items to the Church until SUNDAY, August 5th.  (We can accommodate special circumstances.)

    2) VOLUNTEER:  We will need people to help sort and price the items the week before the sale  and people to man the sale from 8 AM to 3 PM, Friday and Saturday. If you can give a couple of hours on these days, it would be great.

    3) INVITE/SHOP: Invite your family and friends to come shop on August 10 & 11!

    CONTACT:  If you have questions or need more information please e-mail Dave Tod at

    Throughout the summer of 2018, the Rev. Shelley Drake, along with other members of Canterbury and the wider community,  will be offering a variety of classes, mini-retreats, and workshops to begin equipping us with a variety of spiritual tools for "Building the Beloved Community" at Canterbury.  Shelley will continue to offer classes on compassionate communication and a variety of other topics on Sunday mornings at 9AM and 11:30AM.  Check out our Beloved Community webpage for upcoming events, class handouts, and other resources to support you in helping build the Beloved Community at Canterbury in the coming months. (Updates coming soon.)

    10AM COFFEE HOUR CHANGES  (beginning July 1st)

    In keeping with Canterbury’s developing policy of “2x2” when practicing ministry, moving forward there will be a requirement that we have two hosts at the coffee hour after the 10:00 AM service.  The sign-up sheet posted on the bulletin board in Becket Hall has been updated to reflect this policy. If you would like to host coffee hour, please invite a partner to do it with you.  If you have any questions please contact Eileen Lambert at 265-2269 or at

    New Leadership Opportunity! 
    Teamleader for Hopeworks (St. Martins) Sunday Brunches in 2019
      At the end of 2018 Eileen Lambert will be stepping down as coordinator of the Sunday brunches hosted six times a year by Canterbury down at Hopeworks (formerly St. Martins Hospitality Center).  If you are interested in taking over the coordination of Canterbury's brunches starting in 2019, please contact Eileen Lambert at or 265-2269.  We have three Sundays remaining in 2018 on which we will serve brunch:  August 26, October 28 and December 23.  If you are interested in taking on this outreach position Eileen would be happy to partner with you on the remaining three Sundays, to show you how things typically have been done, to help you get familiar with the requirements of Hopeworks, and to introduce you to the dedicated volunteers who make our brunches so successful!

    Let's start a  DVD lending library at Canterbury!
    Hello all! There are some members here at Canterbury who do not have mainstream entertainment services at home. For anyone in this boat I think not only is a book exchange rack nice to have but also a DVD exchange rack or box would be helpful to those who need them and also just fun thing to have at our church. Anyone who has old DVD's that they are willing to part with, could put them in the designated area in church and then in good faith we can all take maybe 3-5 as we please and then return them when we are finished watching them. I will get something together by next Sunday as a place to put them. I hope everyone is having a good week! Contact Nick Torres-Tollardo:

    Welcome our newest Hildegard Center Community Partners

    At our 2018 Annual Meeting we asked you to pray for a massage therapist and psychotherapist to join our team of healing partners at the Hildegard Center at Canterbury.   This summer we welcomed a new massage therapist, Jacquelin Johnson, and a new psychotherapist, Thomas Clark, to our team! 

    Thomas Clark, MS, LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor)
    Thomas writes: I strive to help angsty adolescents, anxious adults and quarreling couples. I also work with survivors of trauma ​and those struggling with depression, and those with emotional addictions like sex and overeating. I especially welcome introverts, people with low self-esteem and creative people. I know it can be scary to see a therapist - I was scared my first time. Please know that I'm not here to judge you or ask you to be someone you are not. My goal is to help you discover answers, gain self-awareness, and find healing. I am generally available to see clients at the Hildegard Center at Canterbury  on a sliding scale ($50-$100/hr) or donation basis one evening per week.  Learn more at​.  Contact Thomas at

    Jacqueline Johnson (Licensed Massage Therapist)
    Jacqueline graduated from the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics.  Modalities used include Core Synchronism, Unwinding,  Traditional Chinese Medicine,  and Polarity. She believes in the power of the client's divine self to heal and respects the client's healing journey as a Sacred Journey.  Her services are priced on a sliding scale ($25- $100 an hour).  Contact Jackie at 505.263.7882.

     If you are a member of Canterbury seeking support from one of the healers at our Hildegard Center, and are in need financial assistance to pay for a session, please contact the rector or priest-in-charge to request assistance from the Good Works Fund. If you have questions about the Hildegard Center, contact Vestry Liason Maddie Carrell:

    Sabbatical Nuts & Bolts: Finances
    For those who may be wondering about the financial nuts & bolts of Canterbury's upcoming sabbatical season, here's the deal:  Canterbury's rector is expected to take a sabbatical every 5 years (3 months at full salary.) We're doubling the rector's sabbatical duration and halving the rector's sabbatical salary (6 months at 1/2 salary), then multiplying that reduced salary by 3/5ths (since the rector is taking a sabbatical after 3 years, rather than 5.)  The result: Our rector is taking a 6 month sabbatical at 30% salary, which allows us to hire a part time priest in charge to serve Canterbury during our sabbatical season without jeopardizing our carefully balanced budget. This extended sabbatical plan represents the best possible stewardship of our rector's energy AND our congregation's finances!  It's a win-win scenario! 

    PS For those of you who pay close attention to detail, you will have noticed that July-February is actually seven months!  Why? The rector is taking 1 month of paid leave (2018 vacation/continuing ed time) followed by a 6 month sabbatical. Now you know!

    This Week's Thanksgivings
    We all "make church together" each week at Canterbury, helping out in a thousand different ways, small and large! We give thanks for all your good work--especially the many good deeds that go unseen!   Whenever you catch someone doing a good deed for Canterbury, please mark it on the white board in the office, so we can say THANK YOU!

    Fred & JoAnn Chreist, and all Canterbury Gardeners

    Sam Beard-Hildegard Center Sign & Business Card Holder

    Our amazing Sr. Warden, Warren, and hard working Vestry!

    Dave Tod for stepping up to order supplies & do a weekly Costco run!

      PLEASE REMEMBER TO LOG YOUR HOURS OF SERVICE ON THE SHEET IN THE CHURCH OFFICE!  This helps us have a holistic picture of stewardship at Canterbury, and an accurate understanding of what it takes to run the church!  


    Needs, Notices and Ministry Opportunities

    Help our Campus Ministry Intern get "Wheels for his Wheels":  Canterbury's Campus Ministry Intern, Victor, and his husband Nick are in urgent need of reliable (wheelchair accessible) transportation to and from ABQ each day for work!  You can click here to learn more and donate!  If you prefer, you can make a directly donation to St. Thomas of Canterbury, and mark "Good Works--Nick & Victor" in the memo line. We are grateful to Nick & Victor for all the ways they support Canterbury, and Nick & Victor are grateful for all the ways Canterbury supports them!  Please help if you can.   

    Wanted: Full Size Refrigerator: Canterbury member Amanda Don is in need of a full sized refrigerator.  If you have a full-size fridge that you are replacing or if you know of somebody who is please contact Amanda at and 505-239-7308

    Do you need a Microwave? It is less than 5 years old and in excellent condition. FREE to a good home!  Contact Liz Forster.

    Looking for a house sitter?   Contact Canterbury member Ruth Meredith 358-5772;

    Visiting the Elderly: Canterbury member Warren Smith is looking for partners to join him in weekly visits to bring communion to the elderly and homebound Contact Warren for more information:, 505-869-9133


    Responding to Community Members in Crisis
    Sponsored by Heading Home
    Hosted by St. John's Episcopal Cathedral (318 Silver Ave. SW)
    Thursday, July 19th, 9AM-Noon
    Explore the effects of mental illness and trauma and learn techniques to prevent and minimize conflicts at work, while commuting, with unhoused neighbors and guests at church, and in our day to day life. Includes training on Trauma Informed Care and Crisis Prevention and Intervention. Please RSVP to Share this facebook event.

    September 13-16
    Registration Deadline extended to August 1st
    Join Sylvia+, Pastor Bre, and 40 other Christian pilgrims from a variety of denominations for the 2nd Annual NM Pilgrimage for Unity, and ecumenical Christian walking pilgrimage in Northern NM.  Details & registration at

    Grief Retreat for Men 
    Wednesdays, 5:30-7PM, Beginning July 18th
    A seven week Men’s Grief retreat starts July 18 at Holy Faith Episcopal Church in Santa Fe.  Men experience grief differently from women and memorialize their lost loved ones in unique ways. In recognition of this difference, The Church of the Holy Faith is offering a free retreat for men on seven consecutive Wednesdays beginning July 18. C.S. Lewis’ book “A Grief Observed,” a collection of essays written after the loss of his wife, will be used as a starting point to explore how men process and grow through the resolution of grief. The retreat sessions will be from 5:30-7 p.m. in the Kinsolving Room of the church, 311 E. Palace Ave. To register or for more information, contact Steven Hecht (505-660-8871; or Randall Hayden (505-216-0895 or

    Community Groups at Canterbury
    Canterbury offers a space of spiritual refuge and healing, not only for our members, but for many others in our community including those who come for:
    AA (Sundays & Thursdays, 7PM)
    DA (Mondays, 5:30PM)
    ACOA (Wednesdays, 7PM)
    SLAA (Tuesdays & Thursdays, 7PM)
    NA (Saturday, 5PM)
    NA-Young People (Saturday, 8:30PM)

    Important Sabbatical Contacts
    The rector will be on sabbatical until February 2019. In her absence, please direct inquiries to the following:

    Priest in Charge: Fr. Ted Curtis,

    Sr. Warden: Warren Smith,, 505-916-6860

    Jr. Warden: Dick Steele, ​​​​​​​, 505-294-1846

    Campus Ministry: Victor Torres,, 505-250-2570

    General Messages: 505-247-2515 (call/text)


    Pastoral Care at Canterbury

    Each week we bring communion from our Sunday Eucharist to the sick and homebound.  If you would like to join our team of Eucharistic Visitors, or if you desire a visit or other pastoral support, please contact Ted+ at or leave a text or voice message at 505-247-2515.

    Canterbury Prayer Requests

    To submit a prayer request to the Canterbury Prayer Group, simply email  

    Rota (Schedule of Lay Leaders for Sunday Services)

    It takes many hearts & hands to make our liturgies happen each week!  EVERYONE--newcomers and experienced leaders, youth and adults--is welcome and encouraged to get involved.

    Simply sign up  on the schedule posted in the entryway.  Add your name wherever there's an opening.  If you need information or training for any ministry, just ask!


    Canterbury Communications

    Canterbury Communications is published each week, and distributed via email.   The deadline for submitting articles or information to be included in the publication is Sunday at Noon.  WANTED: Sabbatical Season Newsletter Editor!  If you would like to help with weekly photography, formatting, and/or editing for Canterbury Communications, please contact

    Vestry Business

    Links to recent vestry meeting minutes, financial reports, and committee reports to the vestry can be found on the website at the top our Vestry Page. Current info about  church finances can be found on our Stewardship & Finance page.

    (above) Mandala by Canterbury Member Courtney Angermeier

    St. Thomas of Canterbury Episcopal Church
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    Office Hours
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    Closed Friday and Saturday

    Sabbatical Priest in Charge:

    Other Links

    Diocese of the Rio Grande
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    The Lectionary page (To find the Sunday Scripture Readings)
    (We are using "Track 2" readings at Canterbury)

    Our Mission

    We are a reconciling community of Christians who are nurtured at the Lord's Table, grounded in the truths of Scripture and the traditions of the Church, and sustained through prayer. We are called by God and empowered by the Holy Spirit to:

    Celebrate the joy of God's presence
    Feed the hungry, heal the wounded, and welcome the stranger
    Cherish diversity and strive for unity as one family in Christ
    Engage in active ministry to the UNM and CNM
    Honor God in all Creation
    (above) Mandala by Sylvia+