20-Week Abortion Bill Signed into Law
    Last Wednesday Planned Parenthood, along with the ACLU filed a lawsuit in Polk County District Court to block the three-day waiting period for abortions.  Their claim was that this law was unconstitutional.  On Thursday, Judge Jeffrey Farrell denied their request for an emergency order to block the state from enforcing this law. Judge Farrell stated that Planned Parenthood did not make a case for this law being unconstitutional or creating an undue burden on women.  

    Yesterday morning Governor Branstad signed Senate File 471 which bans abortions after 20-weeks gestational age, requires a 72-hour waiting period along with the requirement that abortion facilities offer women both an ultrasound and adoption information. Each one of these requirements help women make an informed choice and can save hundreds of unborn children. Just hours after Governor Branstad signed SF471, the Iowa Supreme Court issued an order stopping the 72-hour waiting period. This injunction was signed by Justice David Wiggins and a hearing has been set for Monday.  This will stop the enforcement of this new law until the court can review a response from the Attorney General. 

Our work is far from over and we are committed to continuing to fight for the rights of all human beings, born and unborn. 

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