Volume 13, Issue 1
January, 2020
Greetings from CoachDeck!

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In this issue: Dave Weaver wraps up his series with more invaluable tips for coaching your catchers.​​​​​​​ Brian Gotta explains why clinics alone are not enough when it comes to providing coaches with the tools they need. And Dr. Patrick Cohn discusses the mental adjustments parents of athletes need to make.

Preseason Checklist: Be sure that your league has addressed each of these situations and have rules in place BEFORE the season begins.

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Blocking is the Easy Part (Part 2)
By Dave Weaver

Before I explain how to train catchers in pitch recognition let me share something else that significantly handicaps most youth catchers when they try to block. I find that a key reason why players struggle to get to the ground quickly and block balls properly is improper receiving stance. Read Article
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Going Beyond Clinics to Ensure Quality Coaching
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

Think about the last coaching clinic you attended. How much of it do you actually remember? If you’re like most people, you’d be lucky to be able to recall twenty percent of what you saw and heard.​​​​​​​  Read Article
Sports Parents Need Mental Training Too
By Dr. Patrick Cohn

As a sports psychology expert, I often work very closely with my students’ parents when I provide one-on-one mental coaching for young athletes. That’s because it helps me—and my students--when parents are knowledgeable about “mental game” strategies for young athletes. Read Article