In accordance with Emergency Order No. 6 and to keep everyone safe,  we will not be giving out paper receipts.
Effective today we will not provide a printed receipt, the receipt will go to the email we have on file.  If there are any concerns or questions about this policy, please contact Sherri
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We will be updating this information regularly, so please be sure to check in or email us with specific needs. Thank you for working with us on this new endeavor. 
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For Inquiries; Garden Center Products
Contact: Hilary Armour- Garden Center Mgr
phone: 508.228.9403, ext 3
cell: 914.456.7274
Greenhouse Questions
For Greenhouse plants inquiries-
Contact: Fernanda Longo
cell: 508.680.4527
For All Other Inquiries
For specialty plants, soil, gardening tools & supplies, availability and general questions,
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