Want to have the Color Me Mine party experience in your own home? Book a TO-GO party with us!
We will send staff and bring all of the necessary supplies to the location of your choice.  Staff member will be there to help you every step of the way.  From set up to clean up, we’re here to make sure you have the best time during your party. Simply tell us when & where your party/event will be, and we will bring the party to you!
- ToGo Party Packages -

Kids (ages 17 & under): $26 per painter plus tax
-$23 item for each painter
-2 hours of party time
-Staff member
-1 commemorative handprint plate

Adults (18 & over): $30 per painter plus tax
-$23 item for each painter
-2 hours of party time
-Staff member
How to book:
Call or come into the studio make a reservation.  Recommended to make reservation at least 10 days in advance.  

-Minimum of 15 guests
-Must pay for 3 painters in advance in order to make a reservation: this is required to hold your spot, and nonrefundable if you cancel. Payment for remaining painters will be on day of event. 
-Staff member/travel fee: $45 (covers 1 staff member). 
If 1 staff member is not enough for you, you can request more at a fee of $45 per additional staff member
-Pick up all items in studio (items will be ready 8 days after your party date)  

How do I choose my pieces for a TOGO party?
You can either come into the studio in advance and select specific items you would like us to bring to your party. You can also simply call us and request that our staff selects the most popular items for your specific age group.

When will items be ready? 
Items must be picked up from our studio.  Items are ready in 8 days after your party date.  Once your items are ready, you have up to 4 weeks to pick up.
- ToGo Kit Rentals -

Don't need a staff member at your event?  Rent a ToGo Kit! 

How it works: 

1.  Come by the studio to select your items, and we will pack them for you along with 15 paint bottles, brushes, sponges, and all necessary supplies you will need to paint.  To lessen your wait  time, we recommend you call us in advance and let us know when you are planning on picking up the kit, so we can have it ready for you.  

2. Pay for the items, kit, glazing/firing fees, and deposit when kit is picked up in studio.

​​​​​​​$35 for kit + cost of pieces selected + 20% of the cost of pieces for glazing and firing + $50 deposit
Kit Includes:
-15 large paint bottles
-Plates for paints
-Plastic water bowls
-Stencils and stamps upon request
-Paint instructions and tips

3.  Kit must be returned within 48 hours after pick up in order to receive $50 deposit back

4.  Items will be ready in 1 week for pick up in studio.