Happy Birthday in Heaven to my dear friend for many years, Allan Holdsworth,
a genuine genius from the Sphere Of Innocence, one of the greatest musicians ever.

There is no greater measure of a life well lived than the amount of people
he had impacted, and by that measure the artist Allan Holdsworth
lived a very good life. This man took a plank of wood, a few strings,
and some wires and transformed people's lives in a way that few others have.
The ultimate genius of the rarest kind. Immensily missed....

The legendary Tony Levin, wrote this beautiful poem for Allan HoldsworthCrack In The Sky. The poem, published in Tony's poetry book "Fragile As A Song", is regularly performed by Tony's band Stick Men, featuring Pat Mastelotto and Markus Reuter.

Love from
Leonardo Pavkovic 'Nardini'
To remember Allan Holdsworth, I invite You to download for free this two great version of Crack In The Sky, one by Tony Levin's Stick Men featuring Pat Mastelotto and Markus Reuter, and the other one by Dewa Budjana featuring Tony Levin and Allan's favorite musician, Gary Husband.

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Special thanks to Tony Levin, Christine Polao, Gary Husband, Jimmy Haslip, Jimmy Johnson, Chad Wackerman, Dewa Budjana, Beledo, Ken Kubernik, Naoju Nakamura, John McGuire.
Support the Legacy of Allan Holdsworth, if You didn't get this box-set, get it now: