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Volume 5 Issue 8
August 2012

In This Issue
Four Components of Club Soccer
Win or Be the Star?
Getting More Playing Time
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"It's a great training tool!" "It's a great coach appreciation gift!" Actually, it's both. Your coaches will love it that you said, "Thank you," by giving them a CoachDeck. And even the most skilled and well-trained coaches will enjoy the great drills and games within.

In this issue: In the first of a two-part series, Dave Simeone brings us two of the four cornerstones to successful club soccer. Brian Gotta's "Win, or Be the Star?" examines what motivates kids to play sports and how coaches can keep them playing. And John Ellsworth's "Getting More Playing Time" is a must-read for parents who feel their youngsters are not receiving as much time on the field as they deserve.

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Soccer Innovations
Four Components of Club Soccer (Part 1)Dave Simeone
By Dave Simeone

The growth of club soccer in the United States has surged in recent years. The continued development of clubs and soccer in the club environment is necessary in order to meet the increasing demands of player development. The four necessary components in club soccer: Organization, Planning and Leadership; Facilities; Staffing; and Programming. Read Article
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Brian GottaWin, or Be the Star?
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

Would a player rather be a starter and star on a team that loses most games, or be a role-player on a team that wins? Kids want to play - but they also like to win. How can we balance the two? Read Article

Getting More Playing TimeJohn Ellsworth
By John R. Ellsworth M.A

Every athlete that comes to me for help almost always wants to improve their performance and get more playing time. Every parent wants their child to be the best in their sport, have fun, and grow from the lessons sports teaches us about life. I would like to think all parents want this, but some miss the point and are more focused on what sports can provide in return. What is the message we are giving to our kids about sport participation? Read Article
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