Elijah: the electronic newsletter of Beth Miriam 
May 26, 2017
Shavuot Text Study, Yiskor and Stella's Cheesecake
At the end of 49 days from Passover, we have arrived at Sinai!  Come and do a text study on the holiday, maybe have a bissel of Stella Stanway’s homemade cheesecake, and remember our loved ones at Yiskor.  The event begins on May 31 at 11am.  There is no charge and, of course, everyone is most welcome.
TBM remains undefeated!
Once again the men of Beth Miriam emerge dvictorious on the softball field.  In at 13-7 game against Temple Sha'arei Tefillah in Manalapan, the men of TBM made hits, stole bases and ran home to win the friendly game.  Many thanks to our friends at TST for the chance to play on a beautiful day.
Wrapping up the school year
The last day of the Bierman-Eisenberg Religious School was simply joyous!  In fact, the whole weekend was a celebration of our young peoples' accomplishments at school.  The Shabbat service, led by the 7th graders, was wonderful.  Jim Aaron presented the $1000 check to Ana Vernick for the Heimlich Aaron award.  The Milt Ziment Awards were presented to some extraordinary students.  The 7th graders were presented their siyyum certificates and, of course, it was the bat mitzvah of Ava Green.  Take a look below to get a glimpse of the evening or look at this link to see the full album.
Last day of school 2017
From top left clockwise: Recipients of the Milt Ziment Award: The last day of school song session: Rabbi Cy enjoying the singing with the children:   The High School seniors taking a bit of Beth Miriam with them to college as they  choose a mezuzah of their own - these mezuzot were the original ones in the school but were replaced during the renovation: The Grade 7 students during their siyyum on Kabbalat Shabbat: The happy campers of Beth Miriam during the song session
Temple Beth Miriam to host first-ever "Days of Awe Art Exhibit"
Temple Beth Miriam’s Hineinu Initiative will host its first community-wide art exhibit. The juried-selected will be thematically consistent with the fall holiday period and will open just prior to Selichot and close by early November after Simchat Torah.

For full details about dates and times, costs, etc., see this link.