May 2017

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Rabbi Cy Stanway

The period between Pesach and Shavuot is called the Omer.  In ancient times, this was the period during which the Omer - a barley sheaf - was brought to the Temple the day after Pesach.  On the 50th day after the Exodus, the Passover was complete with the giving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai - hence the 'counting of the Omer.'   Customarily, Jews are to count each day of the Omer instead of offering a barley sheaf since, nowadays, there is no Temple in which to offer the barley. 

Beth Miriam is going to offer a little twist on the Counting of the Omer.  Instead of Counting the Omer, the Social Action Committee has created a series of programs called 'Making the Omer Count.'  Resting upon a foundation of caring for others and making a real difference in the world in which we live, there are several programs planned at the temple which focus on the world outside the temple. 

In the coming days and weeks, you will all be receiving announcements of these wonderfully diverse projects in Elijah.  There is something for everyone: as of this writing there will be pet blessings and a pet fair, a coffee house concert raising money for Covenant House, an Arts and Crafts collection for children in Asbury Park schools, and a First Aid class.  It is going to be busy month at Beth Miriam!

I encourage you all to participate in these events and to engage in something that interests you.  I am confident that you will find something meaningful.

Speaking of meaningful, you probably know by now that the new Days of Awe prayerbook, Mishkan HaNefesh, is being adopted by Beth Miriam.  This promises to be an exciting and meaningful layer to our already-beautiful Days of Awe celebrations/commemorations.  We are inviting you to purchase a set or several sets of machzor and dedicate them in honor or in memory of someone.  You can download the order form here.  The deadline in June 1st so, if you want to purchase the set at $50/set (a set is Rosh Hashanna and Yom Kippur books), please do so before June 1st.

Finally, with May here, there are many end-of-the year events.  There are worship services featuring our Religious School students, awards ceremonies, and even a Simchat Shabbat - our wonderfully creative and joyous Shabbat experience for young children and their families. 

There is enough joy for everyone and I encourage you to experience the many faces of Beth Miriam and see the vibrancy and love that pervades our temple community.  I look forward to greeting you at the door with a warm smile and hearty 'Shalom' as Beth Miriam continues to be an important part of your life.

Rabbi Stanway's Blog
From the Cantor
Cantor Marnie Camhi
“Mommy, are we going to sing ‘Adonai sippy sippy tai’ in t’fillah today?” My kindergarten-aged daughter asked me one morning on the drive to Sunday religious school. One of her favorite things to sing is the beginning of the Amidah (Adonai s’fatai tiftach is what she meant). It made my heart swell with pride that she loves to sing and pray at TBM and she looks forward to music classes and t’fillah. Also, hearing Hebrew in her little voice is so adorable!

It brings such a smile to my face when I hear our children singing and speaking in Hebrew. The joy and passion I see in them is heartwarming.

I always enjoy singing and praying with our religious school students. Music classes, t’fillah and grade Shabbat services have been so inspiring. Next school year, our Youth Choir will be singing for Shabbat Chanukah in December. I hope your children in grades 3-12 will join and sing with me!

Cantor Marnie
From the Principal & Youth Group Director
Stella Stanway

Every Passover, our students look forward to the annual Passover adventure.  This adventure usually entails several different stations, each one of which highlights something important we are trying to impart. Students look forward to this every year, and often make it a point not to miss it. To make this experience so compelling the stations have to be very creative. This year our Passover Adventure was very different. Divided into two large groups and with all the classes mixed together our students experienced an  escape adventure, Escape from Egypt.  They began the adventure by actually breaking IN to the social hall and figuring out that the combination to the lock was the number 613, the number of commitments in the Torah. From there the two teams competed to escape from Egypt first, by working together, poring over various Torah texts to figure out clues, using a black light flashlight to see a secret code, and even breaking keys out of ice cubes to reach the Promised Land.  Victory was sweet for both teams as they ended their escape adventure by making delicious coconut macaroons to take home.  It was so rewarding to watch our students, all engaged, working together, learning  together, and rising to leadership.  Another successful, exciting, memorable and meaningful Passover adventure was in the books!
This month SALTY sent 5 members to NFTY GER Spring Kallah.  We enjoyed interesting discussions and fun times at URJ Camp Kutz in Warwick NY.  One of the best events is the business meeting known as Asefa, where policy is made for and by teens in the region. This Asefa, we were able to boast 3 votes due to our cumulative unique member attendance counts over the past year.  Sporting our new SALTY shirts, we proudly participated casting our votes  as issues came up during the meeting.   While seemingly minor, issues this time involved updating the constitution to reflect policy already in effect. We learned a lot about parliamentary procedure...who knows? Perhaps we might have a presence on the regional board again some day!
Our younger TYGs indulged a delicious Choco Seder. Using the URJ Chocolate Haggadah, we conducted a Seder filled with candy, chocolate and lots of laughs. Then we bonded further by enjoying all the fun offered at FunTime America.  TAmTams thanks Sadie K and Olivia D for coming out to help and support this fun event.
Temple Beth Miriam Physical Plant Improvements

If you have come into the temple lately, you will notice some physical improvements. Thanks to the generosity of Lenny and Dawn Berkeley, we have illuminated the large Beth Miriam sign on the front yard, removed the old sign that was parallel to the road, illuminated the sign perpendicular to the road, illuminated the flagpole and repaired or replaced all the landscape lighting. In addition, we will be replacing the floodlights on the pole in the backyard with LEDs which will be switchable and have an outlet on a new pole. This will alleviate the extension cord having to traverse the patio on those days when we want to bring power to the grassy area in the back. We are also looking into an LED sign for the western edge of the property that will be eye-catching and very informative.

An anonymous family has taken up the task of beautifying the landscape which will include flowers, seeding, and so forth that enhance both our curb appeal and our pride in our building.

Of course, you know about the restoration of the Heimlich-Aaron Library. Under the guidance of Stella Stanway, our principal - the Library has undergone a huge renovation. Included in the renovation is removal of old bookshelves (but the original dedication plaques will be remounted on the wall), a new paint job, new tables, chairs and uniform cabinets, a 79 inch TV, dedicated children's area, LED lighting (dimmable) and a library section for adults with classic and contemporary volumes. The dedication is expected to be in late May.  Early feedback indicates that people are thrilled with the new look and feel of the Library.

The front office is a much more inviting area. We removed the old cabinets and have painted the office a more calming yellow (actually, the color is called 'Lemon Souflee' - yummy). The area has been purged of old and unnecessary items and, in the coming months, we hope to get new chairs (if you are interested in donating for the chairs, please contact Rabbi Stanway).

A congregant who wishes to remain anonymous is redoing our entire computer system to bring it up to date, secure and we will have our own dedicated server and wireless access throughout the building and into the backyard. That work will be completed in the next several weeks. 

Finally, many thanks to Cantor Marnie Camhi who donated a new portable sound system to the temple after the untimely demise of the old one. The new one is more powerful, has many more features and is truly a state of the art portable system.

Finally, sof sof, the Beth Miriam Sisterhood donated some of the proceeds from the Rummage Sale to the installation of a recordable security system and cameras around the temple. Effective immediately, everyone in the office, the rabbi's office and the Religious School office have a video view of every entrance into the building. This enhancement to our security - in addition to the security measures we already had in place - makes Beth Miriam safer for you and your children. You may be wondering if there have been any threats to the temple - no, not a one. This is all preventative work so please rest assured that we have not had any problems in the least.

These improvements are paid for by people who have a dedication and love for the temple. From all of us, we sincerely thank you for your love and commitment.
Happy Spring to our TBM friends! We hope your Passover holiday was a joyous one! We thank you for your Passover wishes, your participation in our sumptuous Seder and your donations of matzah!

The beautiful month of May is chock full of activities which are outlined in this newsletter. Join us for our Pet Fair & Blessing, Men’s Club’s softball game, as well as an array of classes, Shabbat services and B'nai Mitzvah. Check the calendar for the dates and times for our events.

A few reminders:
· If you would like Rabbi Cy to read a few words about your loved ones when he recites Yahrzeit, please send us your requests at least one week in advance of the Shabbat date. We appreciate it!

· The Sisterhood needs you to shop for and/or sponsor the occasional oneg on Shabbat. We’ve included a link in this newsletter, so you can either sign up on line, or just call us at 732-222-3754. It’s an easy mitzvah that helps the temple greatly.

Shari Nightingale and Frankie Langer
Please Help with TBM Oneg Shopping and/or Sponsorship

During the next 3 months, we need to make sure that our TBM kitchen is stocked with goodies for each week’s Friday night oneg. Since we all food shop during the week, it is very simple to pick up a few extra items to drop at the temple. We need each temple family to pick one week during the year to do the shopping for this very special weekly event. There are several temple events taking place at TBM over the next few months, so there are only 6 dates that need to be shopped for. If you have not yet participated in the Oneg shopping program, please look at the dates and sign up for whichever is most convenient.

**If your child is being Bar/Bat Mitzvahed you are automatically signed up for the oneg the evening prior. Also, evenings of Religious School Class services, each family from the class is expected to bring an item for the Oneg. For this reason, these dates are not listed on the sign up page.**

If you would like to reserve a date after June 30th, or you have a question, please contact Debbie Gerbman at .

Have a great day!
TBM Sisterhood
Men's Club

PLAY BALL!  Softball, that is!

What says springtime more than a Passover Seder and Opening Day of our Men's Club softball team??
We are playing Temple Shaari Emeth from Manalapan. They were the first team we defeated in our undefeated 2016 season.
Sunday, May 21
Game time 9:30-11; warm up at 9 AM
Location: Manalapan Recreation Center; 120 Route 522, Manalapan, Field #5
I need at least 13 players. Please email me at or text me at 732-233-7274.

At the end of 49 days from Passover, we have arrived at Sinai!  Come and do a text study on the holiday, maybe have a bissel of Stella Stanway’s homemade cheesecake, and remember our loved ones at Yiskor.  The event begins on May 31 at 11am.  There is no charge and, of course, everyone is most welcome.
High Holiday Prayer Books & Study Opportunity

Mishkan HanNefesh books are still available for purchase. Each book may be personalized “in honor of” or “in memory of” your loved ones.

The last day to purchase books is June 1st. Please contact the office to place an order.

As well, Rabbi Stanway will lead a class on April 30 at 9:30 am with a text study on the 'Al Chet'  (Every Sin) and what it means to sin in the 21st Century.  Everyone is welcome.
Temple Beth Miriam to host first-ever Days of Awe Art Exhibit

Temple Beth Miriam’s Hineinu/Here We Are Initiative will host its first community-wide art exhibit/show. The juried-selected works, thematically consistent with the fall holiday period, will open just prior to Selichot and close by early November after Simchat Torah.

“The artwork media to be displayed will include paintings, drawings, pastels and photography, and will provide an opportunity for TBM members as well as the art community to share their work while at the same time enhancing the warmth and welcoming atmosphere of our Temple. It will also provide the opportunity for art sales of the works of art that will benefit our congregation as well as the artists," said event chair Renee Freedman.

Beth Miriam President Harry Silverman added that “This ambitious undertaking will be an enhancement of our Temple’s commitment to be warm and welcoming for its members, visitors and potential new members. It’s wonderful to have a new member step forward to lead this initiative!”. He joined Renee’s call for interested volunteers to contact Renee with their interest in serving on one of the Days of Awe Exhibit’s committees. These committees will include Temple members and Arts community members.

A Wine and Cheese reception to open the show will take place in early September, and the $18 entrance fee for the opening night also covers the artists’ submission fee for up to 6 pieces to be juried.
Please e-mail Renee if you are interested in showing your artwork and/or volunteering at

From Wendy Sloter
2017 Purim Campaign

Our Purim Mishloach Manot project was a huge success! We made over $ 8,400, minus the expenses of mailing and Purim bag items. Thank you to Rabbi Cy, Stella Stanway, Harry Silverman, Shari Nightingale, Frankie Langer, and Rosey and Tello for their commitment to this temple fundraiser and Mitzvah. We couldn’t have done it without them! Thank you to all the congregants who purchased and donated Purim bags. More bags were donated to Assisted Living Facilities than ever before and the residents were very, very grateful!
A special thank you to the following congregants who helped by ordering Purim bag items, packing the items, making the cards, distributing bags, delivering bags (along with their children and spouses), inputting data, and developing routes:

Debbie Arbus* Dawn Berkeley *Norman Brosniak* Patricia Coelho Kathy Cohen* Debra Cotler *Danielle Delcuore *Paul Edelson*Joanne Edison* Heather Foster* Debbie Gerbman* Lori Goldstein*Lisa Jacobson *Gail Kass *Marcy Kouveliotes* Marissa Lambert*Ronnie Lippsett* Sandy Maseda* Missy Peck* Susan Peckman*Karen Pingitore* Andrea Phox* Annie Raulerson* Jennifer Segal*Pat Shapiro *Sharon Silverman* Cindy Singer* Miriam Tetelbom*Gayle Topper*

This was truly a congregational, and therefore a family effort, and I thank each and every one of you for your generosity!

Mazel Tov to Ian O'Neill and Ava Green as they become Bar and Bat Mitzvah in May!
Ian O’Neill
Ian O’Neill is 13 years old and in the 7th grade. Ian goes to Markham Place School in Little Silver where he is a member of the band and chorus. Ian has been playing the trombone for four years and learning how to play the piano and acoustic guitar. He swims year-round for the New Jersey Race Club. In addition to swimming and singing, Ian also enjoys running and playing tennis.

For Ian’s Kishrei Halev project, he is working directly with the local Covenant House chapter in Asbury Park to help raise funds for sneakers and toiletries for 18-21 year old teens. The Covenant House is in 27 cities and 6 countries and it provides care and important services to homeless and abandoned young people. The goal of the Covenant House is to help homeless youth leave the streets and create a path to achieve independence. Ian has already raised $1000 for the Covenant House.
Ava Green
Ava Green is a 7th grade student Ocean Township Intermediate School. She loves music and is a bassoonist with both the OTIS Jazz and Concert Bands. Ava also plays the Clarinet, Bass guitar,Piano and Ukulele. Ava is a student at Lakehouse Music Academy and plays in a band called Why Not, Mitchell? Ava is a member of Drama Club at OTIS.

For Her Kishrei Halev project, she collected small toys, crayons and monetary donations to assemble coping kits for hospitalized children, on behalf of a Pennsylvania based organization Caitlin Smiles. These items were donated to the K Hovnanian Children's Hospital at Jersey Shore University Medical Center.

Ava is the daughter of Dr. Anthony and Susan Green, and younger sister to big brothers, Ben and Ryan.
Temple Beth Miriam welcomes new members of the TBM family:

Damon & Kara Zappacosta and their children, John “Samuel” and Michael
Little Silver, NJ


Melissa Morgan and Sean Morin
Manasquan, NJ
To The Sisterhood for providing the temple with a new and improved security camera system. We greatly appreciate their generous donation for such important equipment.

To Lenny and Dawn Berkeley, for providing the funds with which we illuminated the large Beth Miriam sign on the front yard, removed the old sign that was parallel to the road, illuminated the sign perpendicular to the road, illuminated the flagpole and repaired or replaced and enhanced all the landscape lighting. We so appreciate their generosity.

To Pat Shapiro for helping out in the office last month!
May their memories be a blessing

May 5

Gertrude Algaze
Elizabeth Amplo
Beatrice Bashover
Milton Bluth
Sarah Einhorn*
Monroe Eisner*
Tema Feder*
Rebecca Freibaum*
Sadye Greenbaum*
Pauline Herschaft*
Morton Hollander*
Adeline Jensen
Rae Kasoff*
Charles Kerensky
Irving Konner
Harry Levin
Howard Margolin*
Bessie May*
Irving Medoff
S. Darwin Noll
Catherine Peckman
Philip Rubin*
Arlene Scherer
Harold Scwartz
Jack Seidman
Harry Sherman*
Rebecca Singer
Frances Stein
Lewis Sternheimer

May 12

Luba Aaron*
Eve Berg *
Virginia Berg*
Charles Brauer*
Morris Bricken
Marilyn Bronstein
Dora Brower*
Toby Diskin
Judith Elkin
Agnes Erhard
Charles Frankel*
David Freedman
Malcolm Gillet
Anna Goldstein
Belle Hocky
Robert Jacobson
Jerome Kaplan
Samson Katz*
Lee Klugman
Anne Kreizman
Bella Lebowitt*
Daniel Lorber
Thomas Mannion
Arlene Querido
Millard Rosenfeld*
Donald Rotwein*
Esfir Sagalovsky*
Rose Schoenberg
Sidney Sirota
Jack Spergel*
Charles Stamler*
Mildred Tepper*
Edward Turkel
Abraham Vogel
Louis Weber*
Elizabeth White
May 19

Barbara Heimlich Aaron*
Robert Bennett*
Albert Berg*
Millie Black
Muriel Brown
Janice B. Caine*
Leonard Casner
Josephine Cramer
Anna Eisner
Charles Erlanger*
Emanuel Feldman
Beverly Freedman
Jessica Gordon*
Mary Gottstein
Mollie Hersch
Lillian Kava*
Rose Kleiner*
Harry Koehler
Robert Krueger
Arthur Landberg
Hattie Mendelson*
Isadore Mirsky
Rosalyn Nagel*
Harry Negin
Evelyn Rosenkranz
Dora Rubin*
Ruth Salowe
Kate Schaefler*
Philip Schilman
Ruben Segall*
Bernard Spector*
Mae Warner*
Harry Weissberg
Mollie Wichtel

May 26

Abraham Ash
Regina Ballin*
Harry Becker
Robert Bennett*
Estelle Bernheim Schwartz
Bessie Bluth
Janice B. Caine*
Anna Calafates*
Sadie Cutler
Arnold Denby*
Samuel Ehrenhalt*
Lester Eisner*
Bertha Fastov
Evelyn Friedenberg
Hazel Harmon*
William Hasburg*
Lillian Herer
Harry Kass*
Dina Kastner
Rose Kleiner*
Louis Klugman*
Harry Koehler*
Abraham Ledwitz*
Hattie Mendelson*
Betty Miller
Edward Morris*
Samuel Nathanson
Helen Oliner
Mollie Olsan*
Joseph Rosenbaum*
Dora Rubin*
Thelma Segall*
Harold Seldin*
William Seligman*
Blood Drive

Monday, June 12 from 4 – 9 PM at Torat El.

For more information, please call Mike Gordon at 732-922-3014


Conn Music Fund
In memory of Nancy Stalberg
-Jane Gerechoff

Social & Community Action Fund
To Roberta Newman and family in memory of
Philip Gold
-Judy & Marc Rubenstein

Family Affair
-Leonard & Dawn Berkeley

In memory of Arthur Greenbaum, wife of Dorothy
-Judy Benn

-Albert Beson

In honor of Dr. Leon Stone on his 93rd birthday. Mazel Tov!
-Tom Gavin & Sharon Stone

Temple Beth Miriam Wish LIst
In memory of Philip Gold
-Monroe & Rosalyn Fisher

In memory of Philip Gold
-Marta Kinsberg

In memory of Paul Frankel
-Judith Rubenstein

 In memory of  Philip Gold
-Pamela & Allen Hirsh

Rabbi Discretionary Fund
Thank you for being there with our family
during this difficult time.
-Dee Frankel

Library Fund Renovation Fund
In memory of Edward Kaufman
In memory of Elliot Wingograd
-Norma & Richard Daniels

Prayer Book Fund
In memory of Paul H. Frankel
-Dee Frankel

Milton Ziment Fund for Scholastic Achievment
In memory of Edward Slater
-Barbara Lipetz

Tzedakeh Fund
In memory of Seymour Sandler
-Carole & Karl Maling

The Yahrzeit Memorial
In memory of Paul H. Frankel
-Dee Frankel

Tree of Life
In honor of Jamie Angeles becoming Bat Mitzvah
-From your Grandparents Larry & Ellen Sue Hirshfield

Temple Beth Miriam Funds List 

Tree of Life - $180
The Yahrzeit Memorials -$500
Prayer Book Fund (inscribed $36)
Social & Community Action Fund
Family Affair
Heimlich –Aaron Library Fund
The Endowment Fund
Centennial Fund
Tzedakeh Fund
Rabbi Joseph Goldman Fund for Jewish Learning
Religious School Renovation
Heimlich Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dorothy Hirsch Scholarship
Rabbi Discretionary Fund*
(Separate check payable to & for Rabbi Discretionary Fund)
 Cantor Discretionary Fund*
(Separate check payable to & for Cantor Discretionary Fund)
 Roz Nagel Fund for Religious School Special Projects
 The Carolyn Meyer Memorial Lecture Fund
Neimark Shabbaton Institute
Berg-Bialek Youth Leadership Retreat Fund
Conn Music Fund
The Norty Kern Youth Scholarship Fund
Arthur & Hazel Harmon Fund
The Milton Ziment Fund for Scholastic Achievement
Sonya Grossman Art & Beautification Fund
Temple Beth Miriam Wish List Fund
The Katz Family Fund
Temple Beth Miriam Camp Fund
Library Renovation Fund
Evelyn Blank Choral Fund
Pess Family Youth Group Fund
Teacher's Endowment Fund

May Birthdays & Anniversaries

Mazel Tov and Happy Birthday!

Sadie Kawut
Stephanie Bricken
Dara Van-Wiemokly
Marissa Feldman
Eliana Swartz
Linda Davies
Michael Horowitz
Harper Lambert
Jessica Miller
Gwen Greenberg
Blake Oglensky
Saige Bess
Sharon Silverman
Jeffrey Reisler
Haley Peckman
Susan Hodes
Frankie Langer
Garrett Bess
Sara Patterson
Susan Green
Roger Zieve
Geoffrey Lippsett
Lisa Angeles
Darryl Dworkin
Jenna Eichenbaum
Brooke Esposito
Joseph Esposito
ClaraGee Ziment
Fran Silver
Ira Zohn
Peter Grayson
Arianna Levy
Judith Peckmore
Robert Farber
Cameron Katz
Barry Friendenberg
Barbara Steinberg
Madison Bess
Kane Goldman
Grace Doctorow
Reese Figueiredo
Justin Bach
Wendy Husserl
Stanley Seckler
Haley Foster
Luke Fromkin
Isabelle Farber
Jonathan Piscitelli
Juliana Galkin
Jacob Galkin
John “Samuel” Zappacosta

Mazel Tov and Happy Anniversary!

Robert & Gayle Topper
David Nussbaum & Laurie MacArthur
Tom Gavin & Susan Stone
Jules & Linda Geltzeiler
Tom & Andy Feist
Gary & Lois Pess
Craig & Andrea Marshall
Julio & Rose Amy Mouta
Brian & Gina Gillet
Aaron & Barbara Prestup
Evan & Marnie Camhi
Mark Flamendorf & Kim McConnell
Donald & Karen Pingitore
Bob & Phyllis Segall
Ronald & Meryl Ledwitz
AnchorNeed to get in touch with your board representative?

Committee Chairperson

President Harry Silverman
Rabbi Cy Stanway
Cantor Marnie Camhi
Religious School Principal Stella J. Stanway
Administrator Shari Nightingale
Administrative Assistant Frankie Langer
Youth Group Leader Stella Stanway
Youth Group President Anna Vernick
Building Superintendent Rosy Franceschy 732-762-4335
Family Affair Cy Stanway
Fund Allocation Bob Kellert
House Committee Keith Kaplan
Investment Comm Harry Silverman
Membership Steve Silver
Rel. Sch. Bd. Wendy Sloter
Sisterhood - Point Persons Debbie Gerbman
Cindy Singer
Relig. Pract. Sharon Silverman
Special Events Bob Kellert
Youth Group Gary Pess
Social Action Steve Peckman
Programming I. Mark Cohen
Fundraising Steve Peckman
Immediate Past President Michael Gross
Vice Presidents Robert Kellert
Treasurer Lori Goldstein
I. Mark Cohen
Men's Club Barry Edison
Secretary Emily Feldman
Leonard Berkeley
Danielle Delcuore
Emily Feldman
Chase Kaplan
Heather Foster
Steve Silver
Brian Gillet
Alvin Goldman
Lori Goldstein
Marian Gross
Bob Kellert
Joel Kreizman
Stuart Lippsett
Andrea Phox
Patricia Shapiro
Sharon Silverman
Wendy J. Sloter

Rabbi Emeritus z'l Joseph Goldman


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