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World War II Teaching Resources
In July 2016, 18 teachers traveled to Europe to study World War II in the Mediterranean and deliver eulogies at the graves of 18 fallen heroes.

On Veterans Day their research and lesson plans were added to
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Every NHD Student is a Writer.
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In January 2017, NHD is offering an online course to give teachers strategies to help students write and revise their NHD papers, exhibits, documentaries, websites, and performances.

The class will run from January 23-March 20, 2017. Graduate credit is available from the University of San Diego. Teachers will learn strategies that can be applied to their students the next day.
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New Classroom Rubrics from NHD
NHD has developed a set of classroom rubrics (both qualitative and quantitative) to help teachers and coordinators give feedback to students as they develop and revise their NHD projects.

These are classroom rubrics, not judging sheets.  They are designed to be a tool in classrooms and to help students who are advancing between levels of the contest. Check them out today!
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The American Historical Association invites history educators to attend the 2017 annual meeting. Registration is only $45 ($50 after December 16) and includes access to Saturday's K-12 Workshop
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Texas Talks - Webinar Series Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

On Wednesday, December 7th at 5pm ET, watch an interview with James D. Hornfischer, bestselling author of The Fleet at Flood Tide: America at Total War in the Pacific, 1944-1945. The event will be filmed at the Admiral Nimitz Museum Ballroom in Fredericksburg, Texas. Admiral Chester Nimitz was named the commander-in-chief of the Pacific Fleet weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Mr. Hornfischer will answer your questions during the webinar.
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Are your students interested in the history of government?

​Check out this new resource from the Government Information for Children Committee of the American Library Association. Check out some government-produced comics, find Social Studies resources, and search government resources to study foreign countries.
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Are you a New National History Day Teacher?

​Are you a new NHD Teacher? Are you feeling overwhelmed and looking for some tips and strategies? Go to NHD's Teacher Resources pages and click the yellow "Help! I'm a New NHD Teacher" button for four short videos to get you started.
NHD Teacher Resources
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The NHD 2017 theme!
Taking a Stand in History

The 2016-2017 NHD theme is Taking a Stand in History. The theme book is online and full of ideas for this contest year. Did you miss our webinar? We have posted it on the NHD channels on YouTube and SchoolTube.
Taking A Stand In History
Looking for topic ideas? Check out these videos to help!
Fluid image 2
Watch the Theme Webinar (YouTube).
Watch the Theme Webinar (SchoolTube).
Have a student studying Japanese Americans serving in World War II?

​Don't miss this new online exhibition from the National Veterans Network. Honor the men and women who served despite the challenges they faced.
Download a free PDF copy of When the Akimotos Went to War - a free resource created by an NHD Teacher!
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