November 2016 Newsletter

Dear HPN members,

We have just experienced one of the most emotional elections in our country’s history! We have to keep praying for the people all around us and for those in the media.  Let’s pray for those who are hurting, angry and scared because of our recent election.  Let’s pray for our own hearts as well! As Christians, no matter what we believe or stand for politically, may we put Christ first and be Ambassadors of love, peace and encouragement for the people around us – especially to those whom we may not agree with, and especially if we are struggling ourselves!  May our love for Jesus and for others be what SHINES in the days to come!

Also, it’s THANKSGIVING time! We want to live each day with a heart of Thanksgiving and Thankfulness.  Let’s thank God for everything He’s doing in/through Hollywood and the global entertainment industry. Also, for choosing us to be a part of His work, through our actions, prayers and conversations.  Have a joyous Thanksgiving and know that THANKS is a powerful weapon against the enemy!

•  HPN had an amazing Prayer Encounter this past Friday night in Hollywood
•  Praise Report from Laurie Singer, the Stunt Woman we prayed for last month:
•  Praise God for the favor He has given HPN member, producer DeVon Franklin
•  Pray for more members to receive and read our monthly prayer emails
•  Keep praying for the employees of Dreamworks SKG as new owners take over
•  Pray for Director Scott Derrickson, Director of “Dr. Strange”
•  Pray for twin brothers Chad & Carey Hayes, writers of  “The Conjuring 2”
•  Pray for Rich Peluso, head of Affirm Films, the Sony Faith Based division
•  Pray that HPN can more effectively reach the Spanish speaking audience
•  Pray for the re-launched our HPN Christian Families ministry
•  Pray for singer Michael Buble and his 3-year-old son Noah with cancer 
•  Pray for industry powerhouse producers Harvey & Bob Weinstein
•  Pray for Jamie-Lynn Sigler, from The Sopranos, diagnosed with M.S.
•  Pray for Tinseltown Ministries, led by Gary and Judy Swanson
•  Pray for Mel Gibson as his newest film HACKSAW RIDGE
•  Pray for the family, friends and fans of singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen
•  Pray for National Geographic’s upcoming cable series MARS
•  Would you prayerfully financially support HPN this year?

Prayer Encounter Night
HPN had an amazing Prayer Encounter this past Friday night, partnering with 9t5 and the Hollywood 7th Day Adventist Church.  It was a powerful evening of personal prayer, worship and reflection as we praise God that He touched everyone who came to participate. Also, we thank Merlinda, Branden and Naomi for making it possible!

Answered Prayers for Stunt Woman
Praise report from Laurie Singer, the Stunt Woman we prayed for last month:
“Dear HPN, Thank you so much for all of your prayers!!!! You and all the prayer warriors' prayers are being answered! I was not able to spend more than about 30 minutes- 1 hour out of my hard neck brace before today and today I've been out of it for 7 hours so far!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! I'm healing and I know this is coming from the LORD answering your prayers!!!! Thank you so much!!!! I'm excited to see and feel God continue this looks like it'll be speedy now!!!!  Much love! -Laurie"

DeVon Franklin's New Studio Deal 
Praise God for the favor He has given HPN member and producer DeVon Franklin, who will not compromise in his faith or his work.  He has just made a move as an independent producer from Sony to Fox Studios.  We ask that you lift up DeVon and his team and ask the Lord to continually fill him with wisdom, discernment, creativity and joy as he continues producing at his companies new home, Fox!
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HPN Monthly Newsletter
Pray for more members to receive and read our monthly prayer emails on the THIRD TUESDAY of each month.  We are trying to reach more people so we are sending it on the Third Tuesday of each month – a good day to read emails, says our social media experts!  So, pray through it and pass it on to your friends and family.  We are seeing miracles and want more people joining us in prayer!
Dreamworks SKG, Under New Management 
Continue to pray for the employees of Dreamworks SKG as they transition into  the new leadership of Comcast, who acquired them recently.  Many people are losing their jobs and yet the Christians there are gathering, praying and reaching out with love, comfort and hope to their co-workers who don’t know if they’ll have a job next month or not.  Acquisitions are very difficult and we want the Lord to turn this time into good for everyone walking through the fear and insecurity they’re experiencing right before the holidays.  
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Pray For Scott Derrickson
Pray for Director Scott Derrickson, who is being bold in his faith in interviews about “Dr. Strange”.  Please, ask the Lord to continue to use Scott, his life, his work and his family for eternal good during this high visible time with his very successful film. 
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Pray For Chad and Carey Hayes
Pray for twin brothers Chad and Carey Hayes who have written  “The Conjuring 2”, a very successful horror film that is still playing in theater's around the world.  Chad and Carey grew up Baptist and now consider themselves Messianic Jews.  God is very important to them! So, let’s pray that they continue to be salt and light, both in our industry and to their fans!
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Pray for Affirm Films
Pray for Rich Peluso, the head of Affirm Films, the Faith Based Film division of Sony Pictures that is producing quality faith based films that are reaching more of the commercial market.  Peluso is one of the growing number of Film Executives in Hollywood making higher budget faith based films.  Would you pray for Rich and his team, to be wise as they choose upcoming films for Affirm.
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Pray For HPN to Reach Spanish Speakers
Please pray that HPN can more effectively reach the Spanish speaking audience.  We want to encourage the growing global Spanish speaking entertainment community. So, we had our DVD “The Hollywood Community” translated into Spanish.  Please pass on this link to everyone you know who would love to be praying with us and for us in Spanish!
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HPN Christian Families Ministry
Christine Smith, the mom of a professional young actor, has re-launched our HPN Christian Families ministry.  She is encouraging the parents of young professional actors to gather for encouragement, prayer and guidance as they navigate the muddy waters of minors working in Hollywood.  If you would like to check it out or you know a family who can benefit from this email Christine Below:
Email Christine Here
Pray for Michael Buble´ and Family
Pray for singer Michael Buble´ and his wife Luisana Lopilato, with the recent news, that their 3-year-old son Noah has Liver cancer. Both Michael and Luisana have decided to place their careers on hold as they focus on the health of their son. Noah has a younger brother Elias, and we ask that you lift up the whole family in prayer so that the Lord can both heal Noah and bring the family into His loving arms in the process.
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Pray for Harvey & Bob Weinstein
Pray for industry powerhouse producers Harvey and Bob Weinstein whose mom passed away this month.  May the Lord use this time to lead these brothers to you as they contemplate life and death. May Christians around Harvey and Bob love them with the love of Jesus, their Messiah.
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Pray For Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Pray for Jamie-Lynn Sigler, from The Sopranos, and her family as she not only deals with M.S., but also as she becomes a more public voice  with her disease.  She wants to be a strong advocate for M.S. and so may we ask God to give her strength on her journey.
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Pray for Tinseltown Ministries
Pray for Tinseltown Ministries, led by Gary and Judy Swanson.  It’s an amazing Bible Study that has been meeting weekly with young professionals on two studio lots for the past 6 years. They are currently under intense spiritual battle as some of their members are becoming Christians and Gary asked that we pray for favor, for continued fruit and for more young people to grow spiritually through these Bible Studies.
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Hacksaw Ridge, Directed by Mel Gibson
Pray for Mel Gibson as his newest film HACKSAW RIDGE plays around the world.  It is a powerful film but Mel does not have favor in Hollywood, due to past events.  At HPN we believe that we are all flawed humans and that God’s grace is sufficient.  Let’s pray for Mel to feel God’s grace, to keep his eyes and heart on Jesus, and that the message of his film can touch the lives of its audiences.
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Lenord Cohen, 82, Passes away
Pray for the family, friends and fans of Canadian singer/songwriter/poet/novelist Leonard Cohen, best known for his beautiful song “Hallelujah.”  Leonard passed away last week and we ask that you pray for peace and comfort for all those who have been touched by his life. Below you will find a touching cover featuring Rufus Wainwright and a choir of 1500+ voices. 
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National Geographic's MARS 
National Geographic’s PR firm reached out to HPN asking for prayers for their upcoming cable series MARS, which is a six-part global event series that premiered last night, 11/14.  So, we want to definitely pray for the whole team behind this educational series. Would you lift up the people, the issues and the impact of MARS; ask the Lord to specifically touch the creative minds and hearts of executive producers Brian Grazer and Ron Howard. 
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Prayerful Support for HPN, Finacially
Would you pray for and with HPN as we ask all of you around the world to support us financially now at the end of 2016!  We depend on you to keep us going and you have been so generous in the past 15 years that we pray for the Lord to do even more this year. Would you prayerfully ask the Lord what you might be able to donate?  There are ways to give BELOW.  Also, we’ll be a part of the Global Day of Giving on November 29th, so we’ll be sending you a reminder to give on that day. We thank you SO MUCH for your generous and giving hearts!
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Thank you so much for your prayers, your gifts and your love.  We are so thankful for you and look forward to what the Lord has in store for all of us and Hollywood!
With love and appreciation,
Karen, Megan, Veronica and Kim
Upcoming Events:

HPN is having a JOY JAR Drive on Saturday, Dec. 3rd where anyone in the area can come with some children’s toys and we’ll pack them up to get to children suffering with cancer.  Or you can send in toys yourself.  Please join us in blessing these children around the country.  For more information: HERE 

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