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Tuesday, January 10, 2017
Dear --FNAME--,

If you live on the Treasure Coast, we hope to see you at our January Seminar, THIS Saturday at 10:00 a.m.  The details are below.

I want to emphasize that our blog will be bursting with important computing information in 2017 and I encourage you to check it out.  Find the details below.

Have an awesome week!

January Seminar
Our January Seminar is THIS Saturday, January 14, 2017.  The subject is "Tutti Frutti" and it will be from 10:00 a.m.-12 Noon at Trinity United Methodist Church in Jensen Beach, FL. Our seminars are still only $8 per person.  Get all the details, including driving directions, by clicking on the View More button.​​​​​​​
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Why You Need WinZip Webinar

Our second webinar in January will be all about the compression/decompression software, WinZip.  If you have NO idea what this is or how to use it, then this webinar is for you!  If you already use WinZip, we guarantee you, you will learn about some features of the software you aren't currently using!
The webinar, "Why You Need WinZip,"  will be held on Thursday, January 19, 2017 at 2:00 p.m.  You can register by clicking the button below.  

If you read our January 3, 2017 blog, you know we spoke about keeping secure online by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).  This webinar will explain how a VPN works and how you can install it and use it.
Like all our webinars, this one is free and open to everyone.  It will be held on Wednesday, January 25th at 1:00 p.m.  Sign up today by clicking the button
Our Blog
If you haven't visited our blog lately, you've missed a ton of helpful computer-related information.  In the past week, we've talked about passwords, VPNs, capturing your screen, Social Media In A Tragedy, resizing photos and more. Don't let another day go by without checking out our blog.  Just click on the picture above or click:
Our Blog
This week's question came to us in a Facebook message:

Question:  "In watching TV this afternoon, I can see everyone is using Social Media, i.e., Twitter.  I do not know how to use Twitter nor how to sign up for it and I'm sure I am not alone.  Could you please go over this at one of our seminars or online?"

Answer:  Ah, Social Media.  Always a topic I enjoy.  Interestingly, I actually did a webinar on Twitter five years ago (11/16/2011).  I reviewed the video recording and it's still pretty accurate.  However, there have been some changes, especially when it comes to "Settings" so I'm going to do another webinar called, "Twitter Revisited." I will also talk about it briefly at our seminar this Saturday.
The webinar will be held on Wednesday, February 8, 2017 at 3:00 p.m.  You can sign up for the webinar by clicking the button:

We still have some tickets for Port Saint Lucie High School Drama's presentation of "Guys and Dolls."  Tickets are $15 each.  Besides us, you can find tickets at the locations listed on this page:
Valentine's Day is not that far in the future.  Here is one of our favorite places for Valentine's Day gifts.  Delicious!  Click on the banner now and get ahead of the Valentine's Day rush!

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