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Speaker's Digest                       October 2017 
In this Issue:
  • Learning by Watching Others Present
  • Springsteen Hits Broadway! 
  • Act Like a Child
  • Preparing for an Impromptu Presentation 

Here in the Midwest, the weather is definitely cooling down just in time for the goblins and witches and other monsters to come out. It’s also that very short part of the year where all major league sports are in action at the same time, AND time for us to present you with another issue of Speaker’s Digest!

This month we show you that lessons on improving your speaking skills are all around us. We can learn from the world of entertainment, from the media, by watching an old rerun on TV, and by watching different speakers present via YouTube or by attending conferences and meetings. 


We at EMS take time to watch presentations whenever possible. Certainly we meet many fascinating people in the context of our coaching, and get to learn about their work, their special causes and their passions. We also attend events to watch presenters in action and to see how they interact with their audiences.

We recommend to our clients that they watch presentations regularly to brush up on their technique. It’s great to attend conventions or other events where people will be speaking live, but these days you can watch many great presentations online. TED talks are a great source of material and ideas, but there are many other ways to find content to view.

We’ll make it easy for you: here are a few of the presentations that we’ve been watching lately:


Our friend Bruce Springsteen gave an interview recently about how he was preparing for his new show, Springsteen on Broadway. He discussed how he will approach delivering the same stories and music to a new audience every night, and gave us his own twist on the idea that “each night is Opening Night.”
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Watching an old M*A*S*H episode, we saw Colonel Potter (played by the late Harry Morgan) reading to a group of Korean children. Since he had no children’s books, he read to them from his gun manual, and managed to bring the content to life through intonation and expression. Sometimes communicating with young people can help you prepare to speak to a corporate audience.
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Opportunities to present your ideas, qualifications and proposals come up every single day. Here are some ways that you can prepare yourself to make the most of those situations when they arise.
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Enjoy the last of the fall foliage,

and make sure you bring in the patio furniture.

We’ll see you next month!


SELL It, Don't TELL It: Taking Presentations to the Next Level

November 16-17 & December 11-12

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