January 2016
Start 2016 off right by taking one of our Conservation Workshops and getting ready for our Collection Events!
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PRC's New Eblast
Keep Your Christmas Green
Western Workshops
2015 Zero Waste Review
Green Resolutions
PECO Ideas
2015 Collections Wrap Up
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Welcome to PRC's New Eblast! 
(Don't Worry, It's Still Us)

PRC is kicking off 2016 with a brand new face, to match our website launched in early 2015.

Navigate this e-blast similarly to PRC's previous monthly messages, to find out more about upcoming events, sustainability tips, and the projects that our staff are working on across the Commonwealth! Be sure to add us to your contacts to keep your e-blast out of your Spam folder every month.

For day-to-day green news and updates follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. For more in-depth information about environmental issues and PRC programs and projects check out our website and blog!
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Keep your Christmas Green
Replant, Compost, or Mulch Your Live Tree

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 30 million Christmas trees are sold each year in the US, most of which are left at the curb and therefore not composted or recycled. Unfortunately, even if your tree is picked up it may end up in the landfill, biodegrading and emitting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This of course is not true if your hauler has a Christmas tree curbside recycling program in place. These programs generally pick up trees on very specific dates in January.

However, to truly go green we must think about the entire life cycle of our beloved Christmas trees! This includes the energy and resources to plant, grow, harvest, transport, and finally removal and disposal.

In the future, if you want to celebrate with a 'real' tree, consider one that can be replanted later. You can easily get these trees from your local garden store, or Lowes and Home Depot. These trees, if taken care of properly, can stay in their pots and even be used the following season while living outdoors! If you don't live in a climate where common conifer species will thrive, or if space is limited and you are otherwise unable to take care of a potted tree, consider renting. A number of tree rental operations are popping up all over the U.S, with the idea being that the tree will be dropped off at your home and then picked up after the holidays to be planted or used the following season.

In short, if you celebrated with a cut tree this year, look for ways to compost your tree by checking with your community solid waste department to find local tree composting programs. Click here for help finding the tree recycling program closest to you. As with anything in life, there is a right way and wrong way to do anything, so why stop during or after holidays? 
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Workshops in the West
Upcoming Conservation Workshops

Turn your home into a resource conserving machine this winter with PRC's upcoming conservation workshops!

Vermicomposting Workshops
  • Saturday, January 23rd at Ross Township Community Center at 10:30AM
  • Thursday, February 18th at Phipps Garden Center at 7:00PM
Backyard Composting
  • Saturday, February 27th at Ross Township Community Center at 10:30AM
  • Thursday, March 10th at Phipps Garden Center at 7:00PM
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2015: A Waste Review 
Zero Waste PA Final Numbers

In 2015, PRC’s Zero Waste team assisted nearly 40 different events with sustainable waste management solutions. Premier events included the Pittsburgh Marathon, the Three Rivers Arts Festival, EQT 10-Miler, ALCOSAN Open House, the Great Race, and the Big Pour. In addition to working with event organizers to procure sustainable materials for these events, PRC worked to divert recyclables and compostables from the waste stream, vastly reducing the amount of materials sent to landfills. In fact, during the Pittsburgh Marathon, the Zero Waste team diverted a record 90% of material for a 40,000 person running race. In total, ZWPA served more than 700,000 individuals through 40 various events in 2015.

Below is the total waste percentage generated at PRC’s seven largest events in 2015. (Large events are those with over 2000 attendees.)

Zero Waste PA had a successful year diverting tons of valuable material from landfill, and we'd like to thank all volunteers and Green Team members for making this possible.

Zero Waste PA also works with public and private businesses to design and implement sustainable waste management practices and help them strive toward zero waste. In 2015, ZWPA conducted ten waste characterizations studies at several Fortune 500 companies, City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County Facilities serving more than 2000 employees.

One facility, the Allegheny County Office Building, initially showed a diversion rate of 20%. Through dedicated education, outreach and technical assistance via PRC’s Waste Audit program as well as committed Allegheny County officials, this County facility has generated an increase of 180%, bringing their total waste diversion rate to a record 60% within one year! 
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Make Your New Year's Resolutions Green!
Shrink Your Waste Footprint In 2016

Make a New Year's resolution to care for the environment - starting today!  For more information about how to reduce, reuse and recycle every day of the year, navigate our website or call 412-488-7490.

"The EPA estimates that the average American produces 4.4 pounds of waste each day - that's 1,600 pounds a year," according to PRC Regional Director Justin Stockdale.  "Since nearly 75 percent of this waste is in some way recyclable, a typical resident of Western Pennsylvania has the potential to keep more than a half ton of waste from entering landfills each and every year."

Make a New Year's resolution to keep APPROXIMATELY 75% OF YOUR WASTE OUT OF LANDFILLS by
  1. Recycling bottles, cans, and paper through your regular recycling system
  2. Properly disposing of "hard-to-recycle" materials
  3. Composting your kitchen scraps and yard waste
"We're sharing the important message that every person, every household and every family has the potential to keep a tremendous amount of trash out of local landfills and into the vibrant recycling economy that is responsible for more jobs than the auto industry," said Stockdale. "PRC offers a wide variety of collection events, educational workshops and online resources to enable residents to properly dispose of waste throughout the year."

Click on the following links to learn more about recycling, hard-to-recycle collection events and composting workshops!
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PECO Smart Ideas
Save Money This Winter!

As we move deeper into the winter months, stay warm while saving money by using PECO Smart Ideas

Keep the heat in this season by being smart with your furnace! Set your thermostat at 68 degrees or lower during the day and 55 degrees for the night, or when you will be away for more than four hours. To keep your furnace running efficiently, change/clean your furnace filters once a month.

Keep the heat circulating by placing a sheet of aluminum foil between the radiator and the wall, and don't block your radiators or heating vents with furniture, draperies, or dust. And, of course, close off vents to doors in unused rooms to keep the heat where it is needed!

Date Event Time Address
1/8 Greater Philadelphia Home Show 11AM - 9PM Valley Forge Convention Center
1160 1st Avenue, King of Prussa
1/9 Greater Philadelphia Home Show 10AM - 9PM Valley Forge Convention Center
1160 1st Avenue, King of Prussia
1/10 Greater Philadelphia Home Show 12PM - 6PM Valley Forge Convention Center
1160 1st Avenue, King of Prussia
1/15 Philly Home Show 10AM - 9PM Oaks Convention Center
100 Station Road, Oaks
1/16 Philly Home Show 10AM - 9PM Oaks Convention Center
100 Station Road, Oaks
1/17 Philly Home Show 10AM - 6PM Oaks Convention Center
100 Station Road, Oaks
1/23 Newtown Township Env. Council 10AM - 12PM 100 Municipal Drive, Newtown
1/26 Hatboro Lions 6PM - 8PM 1380 West St. Road, Warminster
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PRC Collection Events! 
Final Event Numbers & Plans for 2016

PRC's 2015 Household Chemical and Hard-to-Recycle Collection Program was a huge success! We served over 8 THOUSAND households and collected over 800 THOUSAND pounds of material at our 12 events. These materials include e-waste, paint, tires, pesticides, and much more!  
  • 8,359 participants
  • 526,248 pounds of electronics
  • 314,026 Pounds of household chemicals
  • 1,680 CFLs
  • 1,232 tires
  • 3,359 cubic feet of polystyrene
  • 4,000 pounds of batteries
  • 653 pounds of CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes

Thanks to all our sponsors and partners - our programs couldn’t happen without their generous support. Thanks also to you, the event participants, who made doing the right thing a priority. PRC’s Collections Program team currently is hard at work finalizing the 2016 collections schedule. Be sure to visit our website in January to access dates, locations, and details. See you at a 2016 event!
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