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June 2017
Welcome to the eQuaLearn June 2017 Newsletter. This edition will include Tom Murphy's second article on thermocouples; Part 2 - Calibration Frequency and Accuracy. You will also find information on eQuaLearn's upcoming summer courses, complimentary training at the October 2017 Pittsburgh, PA Nadcap Meeting, as well as the benefits of an eQuaLearn membership. eQuaLearn will also share the exciting details about becoming an approved Pyrometry training provider by the eQualified Heat Treat Review Board. Please do not hesitate to contact an eQuaLearn team member if you have any questions or require assistance.
AMS2750E Thermocouples Requirements - Part 2
Part two of the three part thermocouple series written by Tom Murphy, eQuaLearn instructor and former Nadcap Heat Treat Task Group member.
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eQuaLearn Summer Courses
Do you need to prepare for an upcoming audit or require special process training to expand your knowledge of Nadcap requirements? Check out the eQuaLearn summer schedule.
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Free Training at the Nadcap Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA
eQuaLearn will offer seven complimentary training courses at the Nadcap Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA on 23-26 October 2017. Registration is on a first come, first served basis. Space is limited, register now!
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Approved Training Provider for Pyrometry
eQuaLearn is the first eQualified approved training provider in Heat Treating. What does this mean for your Heat Treat training needs?
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