November 21, 2020
Today's temperature:  -5ºC
Tomorrow’s temperature: -5ºC; Sunday: -5ºC
Snowfall in the past 48 hours: ~10 cm
Packed base: 8-10  cm
Hours of operation: Monday - Sunday 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

The skis season thus far seems to be off to an ostentatious start, with prolific snow and decidedly winter-like temperatures; we know that it is still “early season” but it is one of the better commencements we have experienced. After packing, leveling, and grooming the first snowfall, our groomers and skiers alike were delighted with the follow-up deposit this week. More packing and leveling rounds have enhanced conditions and enabled increased tracksetting for classic skiing and cleared up most of the arboreal debris from the winds that preceded the snow. Keep in mind that those wonderful flakes of white gold compress significantly but advantageously, as the crystals expel superfluous airspace then interlock and bond into a solid base of support; the 30-plus cm accumulation of fresh flakes thus far yields around 10cm of packed base. While this is remarkable at this point of the season, providing great coverage of the terra firm below (and all its topographical variances), it is still just the beginning in terms of grooming. Thus, when it comes to setting classic tracks, the depth and formation aspects are still on the alpha end of the spectrum, with some shallow and loose sections. We tried to dance the soft-shoe in Big Red, but not quite enough substructure yet for that kind of manipulation yet…But soon! For now, they are more than adequate for the kick-and-glide division of technique, and the skate lanes are in very good condition.

We are selling season passes and day passes at the Information Center from the main Customer Service Office on the East end of the building; washrooms are also available here. Masks are required in the building, and there is a maximum capacity of 20 people. Please do not use this area for snacking, changing, lounging, etc. – your vehicle cabana is the safe and responsible choice. We are working on the protocols and procedures for equipment rentals on the other side of the Information Center, as well as additional stations for day pass sales and pass scanning accessible from the outside ticket window.

Our ski instruction programs are open for registration – please see below for the link to register. Please ski responsibly, leave your pets at home, and remember that our front gates close at 4:30 p.m.

See you on the trails!

Grooming Report:

Every round of grooming enhances and firms the base, enabling better skate and classic skiing. Skate lanes are overall very good; classic tracks vary in depth and formation, as there is not quite enough base depth yet - but very close, and rated as good overall. 
West Trails Last Groomed Last Track Set Rating / Comments
Multipurpose Nov. 20 Nov. 20 Good - Very Good
Moose Nov. 20
Nov. 20 Good - Very Good
Old Ridgeway Nov. 20 Nov. 20 Good - Very Good
Bennett Lake
Nov. 20
Nov. 20
Good - Very Good
East Trails Last Groomed Last Track Set Rating / Comments
Fox Nov. 20
Nov. 20
Good - Very Good
Owl Nov. 20
Nov. 20
Good - Very Good
Wagon Nov. 20 Nov. 20
Good - Very Good
Coyote North Nov. 20
Nov. 20
Good - Very Good
Coyote South Nov. 20
Nov. 20 Good - Very Good
Old Ridgeway Nov. 20
Nov. 20 Good - Very Good
Wax Recommendations:
Fresh snow and temperatures in that perfect skiing range should make waxing simple
Glide: Swix PS6
Grip: Swix VG30 basebinder, V40/30 in the morning; V45/40 in the afternoon, 

Ski Season Passes (Nov. - April):

Child (2-12yr)              $21.00
Youth  (13-17yr)          $25.00

Adult                           $55.00
Family **                     $115.00

Senior 65+                  $35.00

Day Trail Passes:

Child (2-12yr)             $2.75
Youth  (13-17yr)         $3.25

Adult                           $7.00
Family **                    $14.00

Senior 65+                 $4.50
(**Family Passes are 2 adults and up to 3 children 2-17yrs related and living in the same house)
SWC 2020-2021 XC Ski Instruction Programs

Skills and technique development with a whole lot of winter fun for all ages and skier abilities! 
 Information and registration - click on Recreation Online