We're excited to show you the versatility of a "Freeman Favorite" - Freeman 1085 - as well as our new RynoPly Rotary Dieboard. As usual we answer technical questions and include links to exclusive videos below. Enjoy!
"Freeman Favorite"
Freeman 1085
Have you ever wanted a product that was just like pressing the "Easy" button? One of our Product Manager's favorite products, Freeman 1085is just that. This economical urethane elastomer is suitable for creating prototype injection-molded parts. This versatile product combines the easiness of a fast-cast urethane with the strength of an elastomer. For those without a degasser or pressure pot, Freeman 1085's low viscosity is a huge hit. Easily mix, pour and demold in 2 hours. Some of its many great features include:

- Low viscosity for easy pouring
- No pressure pot or degassing required
- 1:1 mix ratio by weight or volume
- Low moisture sensitivity
- Easily tintable
- Can be cast to 3" thick
- 1/2 to 2-hour demold time

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Rynoply Ash Rotary
RynoPly Ash Rotary was developed to offer diemakers and converters a tougher rotary dieboard. Constructed with 7 plies of Northern-grown Hard White Ash veneer, RynoPly is built to tackle even the most demanding rotary application. The superior shock resistance qualities of Ash compared to other hardwoods make this a long-lasting die board.

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Exclusive Videos
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Creating a Part with Freeman Fillers
Tech Line Q & A
We feature technical questions in every issue, so don't miss the archives. Still can't find the answer you're looking for? Our technical support staff is available during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, by calling (800) 321-8511 (option 5).

Q: I am having difficulty getting a good bond with my first stage pour and second stage pour silicone.  How can I improve the adhesion between silicone and silicone?
A: It is best to pour your second stage pour silicone within 6-8 hours of your first stage pour to assure a good chemical bond.
Q: Our wax injection molds were made out of RenShape 2000, which has been discontinued.  Do you have an alternative board that could easily handle the 150°F temperature of the wax and wax release?
A: We would suggest our RenShape 5179 red foundry board which can be machined to a Class A finish.
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