Dear --FNAME--,

It's been a long wet winter. Cold, too. I feel myself anticipating the change of season and the spring bloom to come. Ooh, I'm wanting it!

I'm also wanting Daylight Saving Time to be here now, but that we'll have to anticipate as well. We turn our clocks ahead on March 10th in the wee hours before the sun rises and we'll get up and stay up and feel brighter and better and spring-i-fied. Won't it be wonderful? As energies are lifted our workouts will be lifted too.

But what about now? We've got to continue forward now, even through the chilly air and even through the rainy days. We've got to set our sights on the big picture--sustainable overall health, well-being, wellness, fitness, happiness and empowerment. This is what SWERVE is here for. We're here at SWERVE--myself, your favorite teachers, your personal trainer, your SWERVE friends and community--to lift you up on your way. We're your support system for your best health, which is at one with your best self.

You can count on us at SWERVE. We're here to encourage you and help you past the finish line to your best yet. Show up for us and we'll show up for you in the highest and brightest way. Now, let's do this!


Gillian & The Whole SWERVE Crew