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Understanding & Leveraging the LGBTQ Tourism Market

LGBTQ travel is one of the most lucrative, yet challenging, niche travel markets. But when you understand this market, the opportunities are limitless. In this session, participants will learn all of the basics of LGBTQ travel, from both a Canadian and an international perspective.

The conversation will address:

  • Who are LGBTQ travellers generally and what motivates them in their travel decisions  
  • The latest data about LGBTQ travel
  • Destination experiences and marketing strategies
  • Travel industry best practices
  • What Canada’s travel community is doing to market and welcome LGBTQtravellers
Jason A. Kingsley
Program Lead, Event Management at Bow Valley College
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2018 TTRA Canada Chapter Conference Theme

Conference Information:

At our annual conference, Propelling Smarter, Bolder Tourism, we will explore how research is and can be effectively employed to advance Canada’s shared social, economic, environmental, and cultural goals. It is not ‘more’ tourism that Canada needs, it’s ‘better’, more energetic, astute, intelligent tourism. We seek style with substance, diversity with inclusion, and evolution with sustainability. Tourism researchers and their clients are embracing data and know-how to fearlessly chart new directions for established and emerging destinations, and supply impactful, brilliant experiences for our diverse markets. This year’s conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia will provide a platform for learning about new approaches, lessons learned and the challenges ahead, as we navigate post-truth, virtually-infused, climate change impacted, emerging environments.
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