Summer is Here!
We debuted new logo colors and bead inspiration on June 21, the first day of summer! We dove deep for some sun-soaked inspiration and pulled some of our best nautical products. From spiny oyster, to coral, to shell, to freshwater and Tahitian pearls, there were myriad options for this shoot. We paired those things with a few stones like green kyanite to complete our motif of treasures.  
The inspo for our colors came directly from the materials themselves. The bright kicks of orange, purple, and fuchsia were chosen to match the intensity of coral and shell. The subtle blue represents the water and soft green represents plant life like algae. They come together to form a vibrant color story perfect for hot days in the sun. 

Nearly everything pictured is available for sale and can be seen in-person in our showroom!
As always, we hope to see you in-store this month, but if you can't make it, be sure to visit us online on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and our website
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These sales are small and available while supplies last, so hop in while you can! 
Get large septarian pairs for just $10 while supplies last at Touchstone Beads! These concretions are millions of years old, formed from a dead sea life and volcanic sediment. Lauded as a protective and grounding stone, these slices are perfect for any collection.
There is no shortage of agate at Touchstone. That’s why we have curated a small collection of Brazilian agate halves that won’t break the bank. Get them for just $10 a piece (a $20 value) while supplies last! 
New In Stock!
Check out some of latest products to grace the showroom floor. 
We've added .5mm leather cord to our collection! Available in the eight colors you see here, this leather cord is thin enough to be used with most standard-hole beads. Need another color? Talk to our showroom associates, we may be able to order some for you! 
We restocked our collection of bracelets and brought back some old favorites alongside new pieces! Stop in to see everything we have or keep an eye on our Instagram for a closer look at some of our favorite bracelets. 
Get unique, upcycled art at Touchstone! We are so excited about these trees made from antiqued saws. They even come with a little star to put on top (not pictured). Available while supplies last, there are a few additional designs you'll have to stop in to see!  
Monthly Classes 
At Touchstone, we are all about options! To get your hands on our class schedule first, stop by the retail showroom, where schedules are usually available the last weekend of each month. For folks online, we premiere the schedule in this newsletter and post weekly events on Facebook for attendees to use as reminders. Subscribe to our events page to be notified as soon as we add a class. To reserve your spot in a class give us a call at 1-417-881-0223!  Each class requires a $10 deposit unless otherwise stated. All supplies must be purchased at Touchstone. Act as quickly as possible as seating is very limited! 
Basic Bead Stringing
July 21 - 10:00 a.m.
Learn the basics of 
beading structure, as well as wire stringing, clasp options and attaching crimps. A $10 deposit is required for registration and will go toward purchase of supplies. Estimated cost of supplies starts at $15 depending on the materials chosen.
Seat Limit: 5
Wiz of Iz
July 28 - 10:00 a.m.
Good for all skill levels! Learn to use a modified ladder stitch with embellishments to create this delightful bracelet. A $10 deposit is required for registration and will go toward the purchase of supplies. Supplies for this project will start around $20 depending on materials chosen. Estimate does not include needle or thread.
Seat Limit: 5
Tree of Life
July 7 - 10:00 a.m.
Learn to make a lustrous pendant with wire and crystal beads. Wanda will be there to guide you through putting your spin on this popular design. A $10 fee is required for registration. Total estimated cost of supplies starts at $20 depending on the materials chosen. Fee does not go toward cost of supplies.
Seat Limit: 4
Wire Wrapped Pendant
July 21 - 3:00 p.m.
Join Wanda and learn to make wire wrapped pendants with undrilled stones. Capture your favorite stone with sterling silver or plated craft wire. A $10 fee is required for registration. Estimated cost of supplies starts at $20 depending on materials chosen. Fee does not go toward cost of supplies.
Seat Limit: 4
Download the July class schedule!
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