Temple Beth Miriam E-lijah for October 9

Our Days of Awe, Strange as they Were, Touched People

Hello Rabbi,

I’ve been wanting to tell you how much I enjoyed Yom Kippur services even on Zoom.  There was something profound about it for me. I felt so content sitting in my home, comfortable, not worrying about the clothes I had on or the uncomfortable shoes I might have worn at the Temple 😊 ... the whole time my heart was beaming and I felt so purely full of love and contentment.

I think that COVID has taught us many things and was truly sent from “above” to help us. I know it might be callous to say that as some are suffering but there is this opportunity for vast transformation to happen in order for us to get (back to) the essence of who we really are and how we need to live, simply and consciously to save the earth and ourselves.
I think COVID for these services has helped us connect back to our family and home and to ourselves.  I think when we go to Temple, well I’ll speak for myself, just like anywhere there are others, we can get distracted because we are first trying to feel safe or seen among people and so the depth of what we can receive isn’t fully received.

I think having the services in our home brought that energy that you and the Cantor “summoned up” into our homes and it permeated our homes!  Even from an energy perspective, the frequency of the sounds of the music and chants is what our homes needed.

I realize it may not have been as pleasant for the both of you speaking to an empty room but I want to thank you for what you brought to us.

Stephanie Bricken
Religious School News and Updates

All the research, the soul searching, the agonizing  and all the planning led up to the best virtual opening day we could have imagined.  The teachers and the students were very happy to see each other even if it was through Zoom.  I popped in and out of all the classes, as I do every week, to see smiling faces and great discussions.  

Adding another element to the fun of the day was the bagel delivery by members of our amazing Temple Sisterhood. It was a delightful treat to mark the day as a special opening day.

We have a wonderful and dynamic faculty this year, and it is with great pride that we point out that most of them are alums of our school.  They have been preparing their lessons and working with me to learn the technology and marvelous online tools to ramp up the interest level.  Using ideas ranging from Bitmoji classrooms to virtual timers, the use of brain breaks and dance parties engaging digital games and videos,  we can present a great, engaging and interactive program that is worthwhile even if we are not together in the actual classroom.  

We understand that there are struggles to the virtual classroom. Among the most frustrating are connectivity issues and attention span.  We can’t do much about the Wifi, but we are doing everything possible to address the obstacles.  We have implemented planned active breaks, kept a simple schedule, and are working to make sure every student is actively engaged while in front of the Zoom camera.

Our message is:
-a virtual classroom is not just  "better than nothing” 
….it is a different AND worthwhile experience. 
-virtual learning is not the same as in person learning
….it is just a different WAY to learn and has many of its own advantages

The pandemic has caused a major shift in the way we live and certainly in the way we learn and teach.  We are adjusting and reshaping our lives to make sure we can keep going, because we have to keep going.   Virtual classrooms, and Zooming meetings are now a part of our normal, and are likely to be far into the future, even after the pandemic. Some have taken to it easily and others struggle but we are all making the adjustment.  

I encourage everyone to embrace the changes in order to move on.  Stay open minded about the use of technology to learn, and to stay connected….because, for now, it's safe and it works.

Stella Jeruzalmi Stanway, Principal


Mazal Tov

Aria Harkavy on her bat mitzvah on October 17, 2020. 
Proud parents are Jason and Stacie!  

Join us online or live during Shabbat services.  This week, our Shabbat service will begin at 7:30 on the temple YouTube channel AND in-person in the sanctuary.  To find us online, simply go to the temple website and the livestream will be up and running about a half hour before the service. Masks and social distancing will be observed for the duration of the pandemic while we are in the sanctuary and we are planning a take-it-with-you Oneg Shabbat.  We have come together spiritually and now we can come together physically.  Join us.
The Social Action/Social Justice Committee invited the Religious Action Center of NJ to present the seminar on Securing the Vote, a guide for everyone on how to register, vote, and follow up your ballot.  It was very informative.  You can see the slideshow here with the same slides that were in the presentation.  
Dr. Eric Adler
Gregory Coben
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Adi Raz
Dr. Stephen Swartz
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John and Geri Girard
Richard and Dina Schwadron
Ira and Lynette Zohn
Alvin and Amy Goldman
Barry and Joanne Edison
Gregory and Suzette Fromkin
Marty and Judi Steinweiss
October 9        
Lillian Brofman
Samuel Grank
Samuel Kava
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Arnold  Kalmus
Albert Mulnick
Richard Peckman
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October 16
Ann Barr
Isabel Freeman
Helene Groman
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Octavio Lopez
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Jay Berg
David Doctorow
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Freda Horowitz
Margo  Neumann
Seymour Ziff
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Fanny Obstgarten
Shirley Berke
Mollie Blank
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Lester Eisenstodt
Charles Lowy
Sade Mirsky
Ann Nebret
Dora Strauss
Raymond  Eisner
Miles Gartenberg
Carl Harvey Kaplan
Saul Peck
Beulah Rokeach
October 23
Eric Davis
Harold Morgan
Aubrey  Robinson
Harry (Hank) Strauss
Harry Tucker
Meyer Gross
Michael Seinfeld
Abraham Neimark
Samuel Nussbaum
Anna Richlin
Mattie Rosenberg
Nancy Allman
Pauline Gerber
Alvin Heimlich
Harold  Rubin   
Sebastian Vacarro
Lowell Landberg
Mildred Bennett
Seymour Berkowitz
Helen Daniels
Fred Hader
Arthur  Hecht
Joseph Kirshbaum
Joshua Neimark
John Shaffer
Gertrude Gelb
Martin Gray
Alexander Grieco
Zizi Hananel
Morris May
Millie Rubenstein
John Shaffer
October 30
Amanda Feldman
Joe Ross
Benjamin Berkowitz
Hattie Cohen
Michelle Lefkowitz
Morris Lubin
Evelyn Berger
Allen Feldman
Rose Garland
Isaac Greenman
Manny Grossman
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