Statement on SF 253

​Unified Statement from the Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders
SF 253

Senate File 253, the Life at Conception Act, did not have enough votes in the committee process before the Senate's funnel date.

But "funnel" is a deadline imposed on the legislature by itself and not binding on the Coalition of Pro-Life Leader's efforts. We're only halfway through the legislative session, and there remain several avenues available for advancing the defense of life.

We will continue to work with legislators throughout the session to address concerns and educate them on establishing life at conception in Iowa law. We fully intend to hold our legislators - of all political parties - accountable at the end of session for their efforts and stance on this life-and-death issue. 

For more information regarding the Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders, please visit our website at  We will continue to update you on all of the developments this session as we continue to fight for life.

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