MileHiCon 52 goes VIRTUAL for 2020. The only SciFi convention in Colorado going virtual in 2020.
Virtual MileHiCon 52 Reduces Registration Rates.

To help those struggling with this uncertain economy and COVID19 the MileHiCon 52 committee has decided to reduce the registration rates.  The new registration rate will be $15.  For those of you who have already paid a higher rates, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the tremendous support you have given MileHiCon now and over the years.  The economy and COVID19 has hurt MileHiCon 52 as well, so we will not be able to give everyone a refund who has paid the higher rates.  What we can do, as a show  of our appreciation for your support, is to give the early payees  a free T-shirt at MileHiCon 53 in 2021.  We want you to know that the extra  money you paid is helping MileHiCon to have a Virtual convention in 2020 and to assure that it will continue in 2021. If you would like to accept our offer for a T-shirt in 2021, we will be sending those of you who paid the higher rates a letter with contact information to let us know.  Again we want you all to know how much we appreciate your help and support of MileHiCon in this trying time.

We would also like to invite everyone to visit the new MileHiCon 52 Virtual website.  Come in, look around, watch as it is being developed.  You will not be able to attend any program items until the you have registered, the site is complete and the programs have been published.

MileHiCon 52 Committee
Confirmed Guests of Honor:

Authors: Cory Doctorow, Rebecca Roanhorse and 

Mur Lafferty  Artist: Alan Pollack

Toastmaster: Steven Rasnic Tem

To Date Confirmed Authors, Artists and Participants: 

Alex Acks,  Tim Anderson, Amy Armstrong, Chris Barili, John Barnes,  
Dee Beetem, Rose Beetem, Dana Bell, Carol Berg/Cate Glass,
Jane M.H. Bigelow, Carina Bissett, MH Bonham, David Boop, Fleur Bradley, 
S. A. Bradley, Jonathan Brazee, Ian Brazee-Cannon, Karen Burnham,
Andrew Burt, Kit Campbell, Marie DesJardin, Betsy Dornbusch, F. P. Dorchak,
Daniel Dvorkin, David Dvorkin, Calire Eddy, Arlen Feldman, 
Danyda Feldman, Jo Fontana, Erika Frensley, Richard Friesen, 
Steve Gaalema, Jim Gunderson, Barbara Hambly, Brenda Hardwick,
Travis Heermann, Jim Henderson, Patrick Hester, Goth Hobbit, Reese Hogan,  Van Aaron Hughes, James A. Hunter, Stace Johnson, Junebug, Carolyn Kay, Chaz Kemp, Jeffe Kennedy, Edward A. Kramer,  J.R.H. Lawless, 
Shannon Lawrence, Corry L. Lee, Paul Lell, Rebecca Lickiss, Stant Litore, Emily Mah, Wil McCarthy, Tone Milazzo, Elaine Mongeon,
Robin D. Owens, Fred Poutre, Juli Rew,  R. Gary Raham, 
Rob S. Rice, Vennessa Robertson, Mathew Rotundo, C.R. Rowenson,
Jeanne C Stein, S.M. Stirling, John E Stith, S.P. Somtow, 
David Lee Summers, Lorelei Suzanne,  Michael Swanwick,
Lauren C. Teffeau, Ian Tregillis, Catherynne Valente, Wendy Van Camp,
James Van Pelt, Carrie Vaughn,  Steve Wahl,  CJ Ward, 
Lawrence Watt-Evans, Ted Weber, John Wilker, Walter Jon Williams,
Daniel A. Willis,  Lyn Worthen, KaChun Yu, Glen Zipper.              

Plus more Authors, Artists, and Speakers
To Be Announced.

Online Registration:
$15 -- Attending . 
$52 -- Attending and supporting membership (original at the door price to support convention for next year)
$3 -- KoffeeKlatche with one GOH or Special Guest. (Limited number of attendees- 10/Klatch. Must register ahead of time. Various time slots may be available.)
$60 -- MHC 2020 & 2021 Adult preregistration
$20 -- MHC 2021 Child preregistration
$75 -- MHC 2020 & Avistrum 2021 Adult preregistration
$30 -- Avistrum 2021 Child preregistration.

Click Here to register.
Check the MileHiCon website for updates:

Can't make it to MileHiCon, but you want to help the convention to continue into the future, then please donate what ever you can.  Thank You. We appreciate your help.
Virtual Program Update

The geniuses behind the scenes are in full swing preparing a great slate of live and pre-recorded programming for your viewing pleasure. We'll have readings in 15+ themes (Aliens, Horror, Pandemics, Strong Women, Space Opera, and more) from 40+ authors - including local favorites like Carol Berg, Carrie Vaughn, and James Van Pelt as well as GOH Cory Doctorow, and former GOHs Cat Valente, Walter Jon Williams, and Michael Swanwick.

We have a great panel from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science's Dr. KaChun Yu and friends on science and popular films. The Year in Science will ride again, and as always we're ready to argue the pros and cons of patents, bitcoin, and other tech.

Writers beware! You won't want to miss Effective Query Letters, plus panels on plotting, pacing, and character development. Gamers and GMs - many of these will also be applicable to you or have a gaming bent. We'll also have gaming-specific panels.

And of course, we'll be covering costuming and cosplay, fandom, movies, comic books, SF&F/H literature, and more just as you've come to expect from MileHiCon!  Have an idea or know an author we should reach out to? 


Avistrum Academy of Scorcery is Back

Our six-part audio adventure, "Tales from Avistrum: Titan's Vengeance", debuts at the end of this month!  Follow the staff and students of Avistrum Academy of Sorcery as they search for their missing colleague, Clark Dowling, throughout time!  Early access to the final episode of this adventure series will be an exclusive for MHC 52 attendees, so make sure you're registered.  Starting Wednesday, Sep. 23, search for "Avistrum" on your favorite podcast platform, or go to to register so you can be notified when our first episode drops!

We are also looking forward to presenting some of our classes as part of the virtual MHC 52 experience.  This year, our classes are available for all registered convention attendees.  If you've always wanted to check out what Avistrum is all about, please join us during the convention weekend!  
Don't forget to connect with us via our website, or on your social media platform of choice:
Facebook:   Twitter:   Instagram: 

Looking forward to "seeing" all of you for the convention!

Authors Row Area

Meet some of your favorite authors on the Authors Row.  Go to their websites, chat with them and, of course, buy their books.  Because MileHiCon is Virtual this year there will be many things different about Authors Row space reservation process and prices.  You will have the opportunity to reserve a Listing on the Authors Row page in the MileHiCon 52 Virtual convention website.  This listing will be available to all who attend the convention to see.  This will include a logo or picture and a short description of your work, with a link to your website.  For an additional fee a Chat room can be included, where you will be able to chat directly to fans about your books.  Also, for additional fees banner ads placement at different locations around the website and discussion panel sponsorships, where your logo and/or web link will be visible, will be available.  
CLICK HERE to reserve your space in the Author's Row.  Deadline:  Sept. 30th
Contact Christine at:  for more information.   

GOH Koffeeklatches Register Now!
Since you won't be able to meet our Guests of Honors directly, MileHiCon has setup limited attendance Koffeeklatches with all of our Guests of Honor for only $3.  Each virtual Zoom Koffeeklatche will have only 10 attendees, offering you the opportunity to directly speak with the Guest of Honor.  You will see her and she will see you.  There will be a moderator to assure that no one individual asks all the questions.  If more than 10 people register for a GOH Koffeeklatche, then there may be multiple klatches for a GOH.  So, don't hesitate to register for your favorite GOH Koffeekatche .  See the registration instructions on the column to the left.

MileHiCon 52 T-Shirt and other Merchandise available on Redbubble.
Literacy Auction is Back
MileHiCon is pleased to announce that the 2020 Literacy Auction is still going on! It will be held on the auction Facebook page,

Items will be posted for auction starting Friday, October 2, and bidding is open for three days. We will be adding new items every three days, so please check often to see if you want to bid! All items will have a minimum bid and a quick sale. Local pick-up or delivery is strongly encouraged, but some lots will also have the option of a shipping fee if you would like it shipped to you.

If you have something you would like to contribute to the auction, or have any questions, please email Lorelei at or text her at 303-720-0476.

As always, all proceeds from the auction go to a designated local literacy charity. This year’s charity is the Literacy Coalition of Colorado. The Literacy Coalition of Colorado’s mission is striving to ensure that adult education is accessible to all who seek it. They support and train over 200 volunteers offer tutoring and additional instruction in reading, writing, math, science, social studies, language, and life skills.

We are excited about the items we will be offering this year from many talented artists, authors, collectors, and businesses! Donations so far include art, jewelry, wearables, board games, books, comics, and collectibles bundled together in the following categories: Memoirs, Superheroes, Local Authors, Horror, Cyberpunk/tech, Animals, Cats, Lord of the Rings, Uplifting fiction/non-fiction, Adventure, LGBT fiction/non-fiction, Historical fiction/non-fiction, Post-apocalyptic, Dragons, Kids/YA science fiction/fantasy, Kids/YA classics, general science fiction and much more.
CosPlay - Costume Contest and Picture Gallery

Don't miss this opportunity to show off your great costumes. You can enter your CosPlay in the contest via either a video or a set of pictures.  Video formats: still photos are acceptable, landscape orientation preferred. quicktime (.mov) would be ideal, and if possible to avoid mp4 or wmv. Also, the higher the resolution the better. These will be displayed during the CosPlay showing on Saturday night at the convention.  Submission deadline Sept. 30th.  Prior to the convention and parallel to the contest, there will be several CosPlay photo galleries on the MileHiCon 52 website.

Please submit photos of past great/funny/scary costumes (details at link below). For more details and registration instructions.  CLICK HERE.  CosPlay registration iis free but does not include attendance to the virtual convention  For more information contact:

Vendors Venue

Yes there will be a special area at MileHiCon 52 Virtual for Vendors to sell their cool stuff.  You will have the opprotunity to reserve a Vendor's listing space on the MileHiCon 52 Virtual website.  This listing will be available to all who attend the convention to see.  This will include a logo or picture and a short description of your items for sale, with a link to your website.  For an additional fee a Chat room can be included, where you will be able to chat directly to fans about your products.  Also, for an additional fee banner ads placement at different locations around the website and discussion panel sponsorships, where your logo and/or web link will be visible, will be available.  To reserve your space CLICK HERE. Deadline is Sept. 30th. Contact Scott or Jyn at:
Awesome Art Show

And we have to have the MileHiCon 52 Virtual Art Show. This will also be very different from the past.  You will have the opprotunity to reserve an Art Show display listing space on the MileHiCon 52 Virtual website.  This listing will be available to all who enter the website.  This will include a logo or picture and a short description of your items for sale, with a link to your website.  For an additional fee a Chat room and/or a gallery of up to 20 pictures can be included.  In the Chat Room you will be able to chat directly with fans about your products.  To reserve your space CLICK HERE.  Deadline is Sept. 30th. Contact Machelle at:  with any questions about the art show.

Gaming Gala

As usual MileHiCon 52 Virtual will have gaming available at the convention.  Plans are being made for several different types of online gaming.  If you would like to participate as a Game Masterplease contact Adam at:
More information will be available at a later date.