Herb Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Herb marinated & grilled chicken breast with lettuce, tomato, onion, balsamic glaze &

whipped goat cheese on a brioche bun served with french fries



Grilled Portobello Salad

Mixed greens with asparagus, roasted red peppers, sunflower seeds, shaved krystal cheddar cheese & maple balsamic vinaigrette


 Clam Chowder
Beef Stew
Roasted Carrot Ginger
Breakfast Burritos are BACK!
Our scrumptious egg burritos are made to order and perfectly portable! Scrambled eggs get cozy with potato hash, caramelized onions, peppers, cheddar and bacon. Vegetarian option also available. Order one today!

Today's Fresh Baked Pastries
~ hashbrown, bacon & cheese strata
~ raspberry lemon scones
~ morning glory muffins
~ blueberry muffins
~cinnamon sugar doughnuts

fried chicken
quinoa salad
cod cakes
chicken quesadilla
bbq chicken breast
cous cous salad with feta & tomatoes
beet salad
quinoa salad with edamame
barley salad
raw salad
roasted brussels sprout salad
with potatoes and tomatoes
buffalo chicken salad
chocolate coconut macarons
blueberry apple crisp
keylime roulade wth toasted coconut
carrot cake cheesecake slice
chocolate covered cream puffs
chocolate pistachio trifle
raspberry black pepper frosted bodacious cupcakes 
triple chocolate cake slices
chocolate raspberry swirl fudge brownies​​​​​​​