When July comes, and the heat and humidity are unrelenting, we are liable to forget how we had longed for summer during those cold, snowy winter days.  The same is true in our lives.  When the heat gets turned up, we can forget where we've come from, who we are, and who we belong to.

As pain and fear are unrelenting these days, we are liable to forget the goodness of the God who made us.  We are liable to forget that we belong to God--and to one another.  We are liable to forget to hope. 

I am so grateful for the witness of St. James Armenian Apostolic Church in Watertown, whose recent Vartavar celebration was covered by the Boston Globe.  (Photo credit: Globe staff photographer Michael J. Lee) 

The holiday, an Armenian tradition with long roots, is celebrated by dousing the people you love (and strangers alike) with water--perfect relief on hot summer days.  The water reminds those who celebrate of life, of fertility, of hope.  It reminds me of my baptism.

Do you remember the day when you were washed in water?  Maybe you were drenched like an Armenain at Vatavar, or maybe the application of water was a little more reserved.  Maybe you were an infant or maybe you were a grown up.  Maybe you felt the new life in your bones, or perhaps you were reminded of a deep truth you always knew.  Now, as the heat is turned up on us and so many brothers and sisters, is the time to remember our baptism, and to live as those who remember how to love, to hope and how to play.

With hope,
Rev. Meagan

P.S. We hope that our partnership with the Lake Institute to bring the Executive Certificate in Religious Fundraising to Massachusetts will be a source of hope for you!  Here's what one past participant says about it:

"Every time someone from our team participates in ECRF they return with a transformed, enthusiastic vision for not only the place of generosity and gratitude within churches and religious organizations but also within their own lives. Their new vision has, in turn, a direct impact on the sustainability and growth of our ministries. We are now trying to help as many religious leaders as possible take the ECRF course because we believe it will truly change the future of the Church."

--Ann Bezzerides

Director of the Office of Vocation & Ministry

Holy Cross Hellenic College

 Welcome Rev. Kenneth Young!  Rev. Kenneth began his work at the Massachusetts council of churches on Monday.  You can read more about him on our website.  Send him an email if you'd like to give him a few words of welcome!
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Can fundraising be spiritual?  

Is there a way I can engage in fundraising for my church or faith-based institution without feeling "icky"?

Are fundraising practices from the business sector applicable to my organization, or is there something unique about raising money for churches and faith-based organizations?

If you've ever wondered about these questions, the Executive Certificate in Religious Fundraising is just what you need!  We are excited to partner with our friends at the Lake Institute on Faith and Giving to bring ECRF to Boston this fall!
October 15-18, 2018
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Registration is now open for the Lake Institute on Faith and Giving's Executive Certificate in Religious Fundraising Course, offered this fall in Boston hosted by the Massachusetts Council of Churches.  

The Executive Certificate in Religious Fundraising (ECRF), a four day intensive program with a practical application project, provides the research, tools and customized training to meet the growing needs of leaders in religious communities and fundraisers of faith-based organizations. The focus of the ECRF is on the cultural, organizational and philanthropic practices unique to religious institutions that in turn enable donors motivated by spiritual and religious values to experience the joy of generous giving.
In the increasingly ecumenical lives of churches around the state, we often hear from search teams for federated churches, or unaffiliated ones, or those seeking a minister with a particular skill set.  We're responding by creating the MCC Job Board, where ministry positions across the state my be posted and perused by interested candidates.  Look for it's launch later this summer.  And in the mean time, if you've got a job that Rev. Meagan could use as a guinea pig as we set up the site, please send the posting along!

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