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Special Announcement
2019 Barham Award Winner
The prestigious Barham Award, presented in remembrance of Hot Dog on a Stick Founder Dave Barham, recognizes innovation, quality, and leadership in the field of service. Congratulations to our 2019 Barham Award Winner:
FunBiz Concessions, Inc.

The concessions Nathan and Stephanie Janousek have created together have sought to be unique at the fairs by offering products not commonly available and of a quality greater than one would typically expect to find at a fair. “Every customer matters” has been their mantra. They have always strived to generate return business through offering food that customers dream of all year and can only receive at the fair. There have been some situations that nearly ended their run in business, but thanks to their spirit of refusing to quit they have always found a way to do what needed to be done. Reinvesting religiously, cultivating leaders from within, and never settling for the status quo is what’s led to the immense growth of the Janousek business.
The Hangar and Backyard Steakout are the expression of all the ideas, and dreams the Janousek’s have been drafting in silence as they’ve worked toward the creation of what they feel will be the future of fair concessions. Only through staying true to each others collective vision and the incredible relationships they’ve sought to cultivate at each event with fair management have the Janousek’s come to this point.
If it seems like they live in their own world it’s because they do. They try to constantly stay in a state of gratitude while never being satisfied with where they’re at. The goal for the Janousek’s is to raise their children and show them what hard work and disciplined intentional action can lead to when a business refuses to compromise its core values at any time for any reason. They hope to gratefully keep marching toward the projects that are still yet to be revealed as they believe the fair industry is literally full of endless opportunities if one just sets goals and works toward them at every step and turn.

Please join us at the Industry Awards Dinner the evening of Wednesday, January 23, 2019 as we present Nathan and Stephanie Janousek with the Barham Award.
We're REMIX-ing the way we hold our Blue Ribbon Foundation Live & Silent Auctions to coincide with the Service Member-hosted Wine & Cheese Reception! Join us Tuesday, January 22 from 5:15 - 7 p.m. for this exciting newly revamped event!
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And that's not all! Now our member fairs have the opportunity to participate and show-off their fair during the President’s Reception and Entertainment Showcase on Monday, January 21, from 6:15 - 10 p.m.

For fairs who want to participate, WFA will provide a 10’x10’ sectioned space that will include a 6’ draped table and one small cocktail table with four chairs. This will be your space where you can promote your 2019 fair, pass out fair-related goods, or pour your award-winning wines (you bring the wine, we’ll supply the glasses). Or, simply use the space to sit and chat.

WFA will provide the food, cash bars, and entertainment. This opportunity to support WFA, brag about your fair, and support the entertainers who pay to play, is being offered at no cost to you.

The deadline is December 15, and with limited space, this is a first come, first served opportunity.
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