Our 2018/2019 Gratitude Report has just been released. Thanks to your support and the support of our incredible partners, we have much to be proud of at the Corps, especially the many accomplishments our Corpsmembers have made.

We are so grateful for these young people who push us to be our best and to seek out new opportunities to serve. We are grateful to the partners who are working with us in new ways to tackle the complex challenges that we must confront in order to give Corpsmembers what they need for a successful future.

Thank you for working with us to create an environmentally resilient generation. Read our Gratitude Report.
We Are Grateful for Your Support of the Corps.
Alumni Spotlight
Jasmin Angeles Zuniga is an alumna Corpsmember who joined the Corps in 2014. Often the only woman in a crew of men, she earned the respect of her peers through hard work and determination. A stellar Corpsmember, she delivered speeches at Corps events, traveled to the state and national Capitols with the Corps, and was selected as a 2016 Corpsmember of the Year by the national Corps Network.  The Corps came into Jasmin’s life at the right time, as she was leaving the foster care system. Continue reading.
In Her Own Words
A Corpsmember Builds Confidence through Hard Work, Camaraderie, and New Experiences
It felt good to join the Corps.   
My previous receptionist jobs weren’t hands-on. The Corps is so different—I never had a job like this. I really got my feet wet and had to grow thick skin. 
At first, it was hard work being out there with the crew. I was working with boys and I felt like I had to work twice as hard. It was hard but worth it.  I couldn’t slack off even a little bit. My supervisor Nora expected so much. She’s a hard worker herself and expects her crew to work just as hard—we are a representation of her. I like that we are so hard working.  Read on.

Project Spotlight:
Food Waste
Prevention & Rescue
Recycling has always been a mainstay of Corps activities. Thanks to a new initiative from longtime-funder CalRecycle, this year we expanded from recycling CRV containers, e-waste, tires and mattresses to the innovative idea of recovering and recycling food waste. 

Heading up this unique community mobilization project in the San Fernando Valley is a small team of Corpsmembers that recovers up to 3,100 pounds of food waste every day. They’ve collected over 376,000 pounds since beginning the program last year—a heroic effort in a county that is home to the largest food insecure population in the United States.  Continue Reading.
“Green Together Collaborative”
Grassroots “Green Together Collaborative” Addresses Climate Resilience in San Fernando Valley

This year the Corps helped launch the Green Together Collaborative, a grassroots initiative to increase the climate resilience of Pacoima and Sun Valley through tree planting, solar panel installation, and active transportation. The northeast San Fernando Valley suffers from numerous environmental hazards including three elevated freeways, industrial uses, and a commercial airport. It is also one of the most vulnerable areas to climate change in the City of Los Angeles, with the number of extreme heat days predicted to multiply in the coming decades.  Read More.
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