ECIS Webinar Announcement
Topic: Toxicology with ECIS
Date: Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Time: 11:00 AM EST


Cytotoxicity with ECIS

For both economic and humane considerations there has been growing interest in alternatives to the use of animals in toxicity testing of chemical agents. Tissue culture has the potential to replace animal testing, but for such in vitro approaches to be successful, new and sensitive methods to detect cellular activities are required.

In 1992, we published an article suggesting the application of cell impedance measurement for this purpose [Giaever, I. and Keese, C.R., "Toxic? Cells Can Tell", Chemtech, 116-125 (Feb. 1992)]. Since that time, we have developed ECIS-based assays for this purpose and have acquired considerable data demonstrating the efficacy of this method to collect relevant toxicological data. The ECIS approach furnishes data that are by nature quantitative, and since the instrument is computer interfaced, very little technician labor is required to acquire large amounts of information. This sort of precision and cost effectiveness are important attributes of ECIS.

This webinar will review ECIS and then present data showing how ECIS impedance measurements respond to varying concentrations of toxic compounds.  

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