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Faithful Mentors Inspire Hope Which Keeps Us Trying
Lynn Anderson

Not only do attractive mentors draw followers and strong mentors show us how to live, but also faithful mentors give us hope to keep on trying when we are tempted to give up. Remember the children’s song about the wise men? I show them how to sing and do the hand signals at the same time. Then they have the courage to do something that sounds hard to do; they believe it may be possible for them to do it because they saw me do it first
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Managing Minister Transitions
Jason Thompson

Minister transitions are difficult, especially when it involves the Senior Minister or Preaching Minister. These transitions can result in congregational discord bordering on mutiny, or they can be managed and survived.
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Principles of Shepherd-Selection Processes
Jon Mullican

Almost every church chooses leaders. Churches of Christ usually select “elders” to serve and lead congregations. Some churches also call them “shepherds.” Paul writes in Timothy 3 and in his letter to Titus (Titus 1:5-9) about the qualities a shepherd and his wife should possess. Most Churches of Christ use these passages to determine who is chosen to serve as a shepherd.
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