All You Need to Know About Rally Day

Rally Day, which lands this year on September 18, is a special day at the beginning of fall when we reunite, recharge, and reengage as a congregation. On the surface, this means one really fun Sunday to be at Advent with a lot of people, decorations throughout the building, and a big party with activities, crafts, and games — but Rally Day is all that, and more. The name "Rally Day" has been used for decades by Lutheran congregations to describe a powerful day that “rallies” the congregation back into community and ministry after the summer. This fall we are aiming to live out Rally Day in the full breadth of its meaning. While in the past we have primarily thrown a kick-off party for Sunday School on Rally Day, this year we are making Rally Day something bigger that has something for everyone: children, teens, and adults!

Why is it important to be at Rally Day?

We truly hope you'll be present with us for Rally Day on Sunday, September 18. This is a meaningful day in the life of our congregation, a vital moment for us to launch back into community and ministry together. Let’s start this fall with energy, fun, togetherness, and purpose!

For a visitor or friend, this is also an ideal day to see the full energy, diversity, and vibrance of our community here at Advent in a fun, engaging setting.

This Year's Theme: Abundance

In the last couple e-letters we've begun exploring our theme for Rally Day, asking what the secret is to seeing and feeling the abundance in our lives, and maintaining this "abundance mindset." We believe one answer lies in the power of community. By discussing and exploring abundance together, we can support each other in staying joyfully aware of the abundance and blessing in each of our lives. This is what we hope to spark September 18 on Rally Day. In each activity station at the Rally Day Party from 10-11am, we'll explore the idea abundance together as a congregation in fun and engaging ways.

What's happening on Rally Day?

Here is the breakdown of the morning:

9am | Worship in English
10-11am | Rally Day Party for families and adults Beginning in the basement fellowship hall, come explore a plethora of abundance-centered activity stations (for children, teens, and adults), and enjoy food and fellowship as a community. Activities will involve seeing, touching, making, talking, hearing, and playing, and will cover a wide variety of topics, including: water distribution, community feeding ministries, novice gardening, biodiversity, behind-the-scenes worship artifacts, social activism and more.

You will also have the opportunity to learn about and connect with all our groups and ministries by visiting ministry-focused activity stations, chatting with any of our ministry leaders, and getting our updated "Ministries of Advent" booklet.

11am | Worship in English
12pm | Rally Day “After-Party” Ministry learning stations from the Rally Day Party will remain open to explore after 11am Worship or before 12:45pm Worship.
12:45 | Worship in Spanish

Who can help with my Rally Day questions?

Zachary Stevens-Walter is our new Office Administrator and Sunday School Coordinator, and the principal coordinator of Rally Day. He will be able to answer all of your questions and can be found at worship Sunday mornings, in our office 9am-5pm Tuesday through Saturday, and contacted at or 212-665-2504. Pastor Ann, Pastor Mills, and our Communications Coordinator, Kevin Bowen, will be able to answer most of your questions as well.

Can I help with Rally Day?

Yes! There are many ways you can help with Rally Day, like decorating spaces, leading an activity station, bringing refreshments, and more. Contact Zachary at or at 212-665-2504 to let him know you’re interested in helping out.

Mark your calendar!

See you at Rally Day, September 18.
The Abundance Photo Challenge

Join this fun activity to help us all get in touch with the abundance in our life (and each others') before Rally Day. Throughout the next five weeks we invite you to share pictures that capture the abundance in your life on Facebook or Instagram, tagging @adventnyc and #rallyday2016

Here are few guidelines to help you along:
  • Pictures could be of nature, food, books, people, activities--whatever you consider abundant in the world or in your life.
  • Keep looking harder for more new forms of abundance you didn't notice before.
  • Consider how the abundance in your life is similar and connected to people living in different circumstances than you.
  • Challenge yourself to visually capture forms of abundance that are less tangible.
  • Be creative, and have fun with it!
We look forward to seeing your "abundance" pictures! Have a friend you know would enjoy getting in touch with abundance these next several weeks? Invite them to join the challenge!

Check out our abundance challenge photos our Instagram profile or our Facebook page.
More Opportunities for You
Be a Sunday School teacher. It's easy, rewarding, and fun! All teaching materials are provided for you each week, you get to teach with a partner (which make it more fun, and makes it easier if you have to miss a Sunday), you get a training session with all the teachers on Sunday, September 11 (10am-11pm), and, most importantly, you get to build amazing relationships with families here Advent. We have 4 teachers already, and we need 4 more to complete the team this year! Could you be our answer? Email Zachary, our new Sunday School Coordinator, to get more information or let him know that you're interested.
Come a little early to help set up for worship this fall, and you're really helping make worship possible for everyone. Here is a way to contribute to the worship life of our congregation in a simple, peaceful way. On Altar Guild, all you do is setup our altar for worship on the occasional Sunday. Our Altar Guild members love doing it because they can contribute to worship behind-the-scenes and provide themselves with the opportunity for quiet reflection in our sanctuary. They need a few more members and would really benefit from you joining. Come learn how easy and rewarding it is by meeting with a member before committing to join. Click here to set up a meeting and learn how Altar Guild works.
Join our choir, the Advent Chorale. The Advent Chorale will have its first rehearsal after summer break at 7:30pm Thursday, September 8. If you're interested in singing in our choir this year, email director Aaron Wunsch at to get started. More information about the Advent Chorale can be found here.
Talk with our Call Committee. Our Call Committee has begun the search for our new Senior Pastor. Click here to see the members of our Call Committee, and to share your questions and thoughts.
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Worship this Sunday

Gospel Text | Luke 14:25–33: Jesus explains the cost of being a disciple.
Old Testament Reading | Daniel 3:1-29: Delivered from the fiery furnace
Preaching | Pastor Ann at 9am & 11am English worship, and Pastor Mills 12:45pm Spanish worship
Presiding | Pastor Mills at 9am and 11am English worship, and Pastor Mills 12:45pm Spanish worship
Liturgy | Now the Feast and Celebration
Sunday School | Taking a summer break until Rally Day on Sunday, September 18
Adult Conversation | 10am in the basement fellowship hall. Pastor Ann will lead a discussion on the day's readings.
Coffee Time | Coffee, tea, and snacks following every worship service
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