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8:30 pm
Cardio Dance
Danielle Janco

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10:30 am
"Hot Pilates"
Cassandra Pierre

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As it turns out, we are stronger together. In fact, just gathering together magnifies our energy in a palpable way. Remember a concert or sporting event you attended in person--how the others in the crowd helped to lift up your spirits and carry your interest, excitement and enthusiasm forward?

When we join in unity or agreement toward a positive goal our efficacy increases. So it follows that a shared intention within a community fuels and buoys-up the ability to achieve that goal. This is the magica of SWERVE. We stand in solidarity here. We make ourselves well here. We are all welcome here. All of us.

SWERVE is a community for mutual support in a group fitness and wellness environment where you're invited to be yourself and to engage in the common interest of self care. We are your people, unique in body and identity, not uniform, but united nonetheless. We stand in agreement together to support one another in our highest good.

As a group, working side by side and together, we agree to uphold the social contract to be fully in the studio and gym with our authentic selves as best we are able. We agree to set aside our cell phones and distractions for the time being, or to step away--far away enough to never disrupt our precious self-empowerment work, or the experience of others. Together in solidarity, we uphold our agreements, and we assist each other up the mountain.


Gillian Alexandria Clark

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