Father Martin Padovani’s successful books on interpersonal relationships now available in Spanish!

People have constantly asked WORDNET for the books Healing Wounded Relationships and Healing Wounded Emotions to be made available in Spanish. Wordnet is now delighted to share these new books in our Gift Shop (http://wordnet.tv/fr-padovani-books-cds/).  The two books, Cómo Sanar Relaciones Heridas and Cómo Sanar Sentimientos Heridos are also available in one complete volume: Cómo Sanar Relaciones Y Sentimientos Heridos!

Father Marty Padovani, SVD,  has been a successful and compassionate marriage counselor for over 50 years and his writings share his expertise in addressing human emotions.  In addition to his books, Father Marty also offers two marriage-related CDs:

  • THE EXODUS EXPERIENCE provides a healing journey for the divorced, separated and widowed.  Father notes that divorce is not just an emotional tragedy but also a financial disaster. We must know that the Lord will hear me and deliver me. “Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord.” We must realize that the divorce experience takes a good four to five years for healing. Allow Father Marty to help you walk through all five stages from divorce to healing. (66 minutes)

  • PARENTING WITH POWER discusses the need for parents who can truly guide their children to become self-reliant adults, but today's families are in trouble!  50% of marriages end in divorce!  Many times the major influence on children is from outside the home—music—friends—the Internet, etc.  Listen to Father Martin as he explains the five major areas of successful parenting.  (79 minutes)