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Volume 5 Issue 7
July 2012

In This Issue
Perils of Over-Coaching
How Big Should All-Star Rosters Be?
Seven Ideas in Sports Parenting
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Greetings from CoachDeck!

"More arrows in the quiver." That's how one club official recently described CoachDeck. He knows some coaches are more experienced, more well-trained and more motivated than others. But whether it be a veteran or a rookie, at one time or another everyone will benefit from having our handy deck of 52 great drills within reach.

In this issue: In the final installment of a three part series, Dave Simeone describes the dangers of over-coaching. Brian Gotta's "How Big Should All-Star Rosters Be?" asks whether recreational all-star teams should include more or fewer players. And John Ellsworth's "Seven Critical Ideas in Sports Parenting" is food for thought all parents need to read and heed.

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The Perils of Over-Coaching (Part 3 of 3)Dave Simeone
By Dave Simeone

The games that youngsters play on Saturday mornings in their local leagues and associations should be viewed as a vehicle for learning. The same is true concerning their one, or two, days a week in practice. The acquisition of playing ability is a long-term process that begins at the ages of 5 or 6.
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Brian GottaHow Big Should All-Star Rosters Be?
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

When "all-star" tournaments roll around in recreational sports, there are usually two camps when it comes to choosing teams. Those who believe that the more kids who get to participate the better, and those who feel rosters should be whittled to the smallest number to create the most competitive teams. Read Article

Seven Critical Ideas in Sports ParentingJohn Ellsworth
By John R. Ellsworth M.A

In my research and more importantly in my practice I aspire to educate parents about parenting and sports. Some critical ideas I strive to communicate include... Read Article
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