Volume 10, Issue 1
January, 2017
Greetings from CoachDeck!

Hundreds and hundreds of soccer clubs in North America make our deck of cards with 52 fundamental drills part of their training curriculum. There's nothing that created more excitement for coaches meetings than handing everyone their own CoachDeck!

Here is some tremendous information for parents and coaches from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) regarding concussions in youth sports. Please share!

In this issue:
Tom Sullivan brings us the second part of his article detailing soccer's phases of play. Brian Gotta offers some easy tips to make them feel appreciated. And new contributor, Craig Sigl provides us with outstanding insight on building confidence in our young athletes.

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The Better Team Lost! Exploring Soccer's Phases of Play: Part 1 - Attacking Phases
By Tom Turner

Soccer is a game of passing and dribbling, with the objective of scoring more goals than the opponent. In terms of individual decision-making, the first thought any player should consider when in possession is whether they can score a goalRead Article
Make Them Feel Appreciated
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

In any relationship – marriage, employee/employer, coach to player – we know the personal dynamic suffers if either party is made to feel unappreciated or neglected. So why do so many leagues virtually ignore their volunteer coaches, and then complain each season that it is difficult to get anyone to be a coach? Here are some tips to make your coaches feel appreciated. Read Article

Ten Strategies to Build Unstoppable Confidence in Youth Athletes
By Craig Sigl

Over the years, probably the 2nd most common issue parents bring their kids to me for is “lack of confidence” or “inconsistent confidence.” There are many specific, actionable steps parents and coaches can take to help their kids in this area that I will share with you in this and coming articles:  Read Article​