May 12, 2017
THIS SUNDAY: Making the Omer Count: First Aid: May 21, 2017     10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Whether you have children, a significant other or a parent who lives with you, there might just come a time when they need emergency medical attention and quickly. Join Tim Knotts and Beth Weston-Knotts, certified EMTs, at Temple Beth Miriam and learn how to be ready to assist your loved ones before emergency medical assistance arrives.
Medical Emergencies covered:
Heart Attack

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. 
Temple Beth Miriam to host first-ever "Days of Awe Art Exhibit"
Temple Beth Miriam’s Hineinu Initiative will host its first community-wide art exhibit. The juried-selected will be thematically consistent with the fall holiday period and will open just prior to Selichot and close by early November after Simchat Torah.

For full details about dates and times, costs, etc., see this link.  
Israel Trip 2017 Meeting to Answer Your Questions - May 17, 6 PM
On May 17th at 6 PM, we will welcome Amy Perlmutter from Ayelet Travel who will answer any and all questions about the Israel 2017 Trip to Israel with Rabbi Stanway.  You are welcome to attend.  She will have answers to itinerary questions, accommodations questions, travel and insurance questions and how to use your airline points.  You won’t want to miss this meeting.