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July 2016 Newsletter  |  Number 135
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Upcoming Classes

Small Group Workout - 7/6
Audition Tune-Up - 7/7*
(New Date - moved from 7/6)
LA Agent Connection - 7/9-10
Home Recording: Studio - 7/12
Long Form II - 7/13-20
Unlocking Your Emotions - 7/14-21
By The Book - 7/16-17, 23-24
Styles - 7/18-19
Making It M.I.N.E. - 7/20-21
Spontaneity - 7/22-29
Character Intensive - 7/25-28
Bringing Voices to Life 7/29-31
Professional Invitational - 7/26

Narration Simple - 8/1-2
VO Techniques - 8/1-15
Advanced Narration - 8/3-4
Acting for VO & More - 8/3-17
Small Group Workout - 8/4
Long Form Narration - 8/6-7
Home Recording: Audacity - 8/9
Intro: Starting Out - 8/13
Your $Money Voice - 8/14
Stepping Out - 8/20
Creating Characters - 8/20
VO Bootcamp - 8/21

Classes often sell out.
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Building A Client List

While a long and never-ending project, developing and maintaining a mailing list is necessary for staying in contact with people who can hire you. Here's a list of resources:

1. Friends and family - Let them know what you're doing. If they don't have jobs for you, through six degrees of separation they will help sell you to their friends.

2. Internet - Search for advertising agencies and production companies in your city and beyond. Simply type in "production companies" or "advertising agencies." Lots of listings will appear. You can also look in the online yellow pages. When culling through lists, do your research. Not all of them will be appropriate for your services and talents. Go to that company's website and determine if it is a good fit. Try to find who handles voice talent submissions. Large advertising agencies do the majority of their casting through talent agents, so they're a tough sell. Small-to medium-size businesses are better at accepting cold calls.

3. Resource Guides - Several websites around the country offer resource information and casting notices. in Los Angeles and New York, Reel Directory in San Francisco, and in Washington, D.C., are just a few of them.

4. Talent Agency lists - If you have agency representation, ask your talent agent if you may use their contact list for a targeted promotion. Many of them will not allow it, but some will if they feel it's a team effort and they approve your materials. Don't expect their list to go out of the office, though. It's proprietary information. If you get responses back, then you can start your own list. 

5. Social Networks - Yes, you can get work through listings in LinkedIn and Facebook. You're connecting with friends and friends of friends. It's just another approach to the old-fashioned face-to-face time. If you set up groups, remember to be a problem-solver and not a problem. 
Whatever promotional ideas you choose, keep them unique and original. Old, rehashed ideas have little or no impact and inspire.

Excerpted from the third edition (pages 259-260) of "There's Money Where Your Mouth Is," by Elaine Clark. 
Look Who's Talking

* Congratulations to Bryan Hornbeck on being signed by JE Talent and to Melissa Thom on being signed by Stars, The Agency. 
Keith Norton narrated a recruiting video for the clothier Tom James; recorded a series of podcast introductions for the Boston-themed Filibuster Freestyle; and is now the voice mail for the Bob Woodruff Foundation out of NYC. 
Meagan Cunningham, Melissa Redmond, and Scott Reyns voiced a training video for a tech behemoth! 
Kayte Jackson landed a fantastic Part-Time job at CBS San Francisco - Announcer and Production Assistant.
Paul Lux voiced a training video for a technology giant. 

Congrats to all who've recently landed agents, recorded demos and landed recording and on-camera gigs. Send us your news and we'll add it to next month's Newsletter.
Sunday Drop-In Improv
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Classes on July 17 and 31
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