Monte Cristo-

​​​​​​​ ham, turkey, whole grain mustard, swiss cheese & cheddar cheese toasted on Italian bread served with a side of raspberry jam and a side of onion rings


Greek Salad-
Mixed greens, cucumber, red onion, kalamata, feta, tomato, artichoke and red wine vinaigrette
 $8.99 Add Chicken $10.99
Dominican Sancocho
Ham & Lentil
Clam Chowder
Today's Fresh Baked Pastries

~ breakfast Strata
~ morning glory muffins 
~ blueberry muffins
~ ginger scones

edamame salad
beet salad
barley salad
Greek pasta salad
artichoke salad
bbq chicken
mushroom tortellini
fried chicken
buffalo chicken salad
amaretto creme brulee
mocha chocolate pot de creme​​​​​​​
chocolate berry trifle
caramel apple crisp
mixed berry trifle
caramel apple crisp
mixed berry tart