Healing the Nest with Dr. Jennifer Wortham

Jack Knight interviews Dr. Jennifer Wortham about her 6 page letter to the Pope and subsequent visit to the Vatican. The story of how this came about is worth telling. When Dr. Wortham was in her early 20’s, her two brothers were abused by their parish priest, a good friend of the family. She felt deeply betrayed, left the church and explored many other churches.

But her deep faith in God led her back. She felt called to pray about all this and eventually was actually able to forgive all those involved, including the Catholic Church.

After she wrote to Pope Francis, she was invited to come to the Vatican and meet him She had a vision to present him with a “bird’s nest” which has become very symbolic. She tells the whole story in her book A Letter to the Pope: The Keeper of the Nest.

Since then she has done much research and study on the sex abuse scandal. She felt called to do more. She believes that this is evil but we should not let this issue break our bonds with Christ.

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