September 2016 Newsletter

 “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you
 will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear.
Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?”
Matthew 6:25, NIV
Dear HPN,

Happy Fall.  It’s September and there is already a focus on Halloween in many stores and in advertisements.  In our media driven world, let’s keep praying that amidst all of the retail distractions we don’t lose focus of Jesus and our walk with him.  Let’s start praying…



Power Lunch at Universal for Christian's 
Some of the employees at Universal Studios are now hosting a weekly Power Lunch for Christians on the lot.  If you work on the Universal lot or know a Christian who does, let us know and we’ll plug you/them into the network there.
Email Megan

95th Annual Miss America Pageant
This past Sunday, Sept. 11, was the 95th annual Miss America Pageant for 2017 that aired on ABC.  This show, which originated in 1921 as a "bathing beauty revue," is controversial because of the competition’s focus on women’s looks and bodies.  Would you pray for this year’s choice of Miss America, Savvy Shields, from Arkansas, that she will be a healthy representation of an American woman and a role model for young girls who are discovering their self-identity.
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Gene Wilder, 83, Dies
Pray for the family, friends, and fans of Gene Wilder, who passed away this month, at the age of 83.  Known as a world class comedian, Gene has touched the lives of at least two generations through his films, such as Willie Wonka and the Chocolate FactoryYoung Frankenstein also The Producers; in addition to his TV roles such as Laugh In, and most recently for his Memes.  We praise God that He gives us wonderful talent to make us laugh and for good people who make the world a better place.  For more details on Gene, click HERE and click below to watch a video on Gene's life of Prayer, in his own words. 
Gene's Life of Prayer
Pray For Todd Komarnicki

Pray for screenwriter and HPN friend Todd Komarnicki, as his newest film, “Sully,” directed by Clint Eastwood, plays in theaters around the world.  Todd understands the need for “super heroes” and found one in the true story of Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, the pilot of the plane that landed in the Hudson River in 2009.  Tom Hanks, (another man of faith), plays “Sully”.  Will you ask the Lord to protect, guide, and give great wisdom to Todd in his career, and that he may continue to be salt and light wherever he goes.

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Pray for Verizon's Acquisition of Yahoo
Pray for this month’s Verizon purchase of Yahoo as a major media acquisition.  Would you pray that the leadership will be people of integrity as they run these media companies that impact people in every country of the world.  In 2015 Verizon purchased AOL, so they are a leading corporate entity shaping our culture.
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Pray For the Hollywood Jewish Community
Pray with us for the Hollywood Jewish community during this time of year with the celebrations of Rosh Hashanah (Oct. 2nd – 4th) – the Jewish New Year and Yom Kippur (Oct. 12th) – the Day of Atonement. We ask that the Holy Spirit will touch the hearts of our Jewish friends during this holy season and they will experience the powerful love of their Messiah.  As you pray, learn more about the Jewish Holidays. 
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Kenny Baker, 81, Dies
Pray for the family and friends of British actor Kenny Baker who died at the age of 81 last month. He was a little person, at 3’8” tall, who was a successful actor and comedian, but he was most famous for playing the role of R2D2 in Star Wars.  That character touched the hearts of a whole generation, and though his face was not known, Kenny had an impact on the entire world.  May his friends, family, and fans experience the love, comfort, and hope of Jesus as they walk through this time of loss. For more details READ HERE or watch the touching tribute by Hollywood Reporter; 
Watch Here
Terence Malick's film "The Vessel"
Pray for the spiritual impact of the Terence Malick film, “The Vessel;” which opens Sept. 16th, starring Martin Sheen, with one of the Exec. producer's being HPN member Mark Joseph.  Pray for Terence, Martin, and Mark as three men of faith working in Hollywood.  The Lord is building a strong community of believers in the entertainment industry and we want to be praying that each one grows in their faith and loves other people with the love of Jesus along the way.
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Actor's Co-op
Pray for The Actor’s Co-op, an award-winning Christian run theatre company in Hollywood for the past 25 years.  This week they open Our Town by Thornton Wilder, and yet they cast a completely diverse cast, including race, gender and even a down syndrome actress.  Would you pray that they make a lasting impact by their committed belief, as Christians, that ALL men and women are created equal.
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DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good
Pray for the Christians to stand firm in their faith, values, and beliefs as they live and work in Hollywood.  One great role-model couple is Producer, DeVon Franklin and Actress, Meagan Good, who stand firm in their faith and beliefs.  As you pray for all the Christians to be strong witnesses with their lives, watch this interview by Oprah with DeVon and Meagan, about their book "The Wait."
Watch Here
Christine, HPN's New Intern for Jan '17
Please pray with us for Christine, an animation student from Thailand, who is praying to come to Hollywood from Jan. – June, 2017, to intern with HPN and learn about the animation industry.  However, she needs a place to stay in order to make her trip possible. We hope to welcome Christine into our community and play an instrumental role in encouraging the pursuit of her life goals.  So, if you or someone you know can host Christine, please email Megan.
Email Megan

Post Your Prayers to our Website
We want to be praying for you, if you are an industry professional from anywhere around the world! To post your prayer requests on-line, simply email us at the link below, and we’ll be praying with you for your entertainment/artist needs! 
Post a Prayer
Thanks so much for your prayers.  Have a fabulous beginning to Fall! We thank you for praying along side us! 
With love and appreciation,
Karen, Megan, Veronica and Kim
Upcoming Events:

Navigation Sessions
The Hollywood Connect Navigation Session on September 24, 2016 at 9 a.m. – Noon at CBS Studios, is open to any Christians who are new to Hollywood, or who need to learn more about our community and how to get plugged in. For more info, click HERE

Jewish Holidays
If you’d like to learn more about the Jewish Holidays or just participate in them, you are welcome to attend both a Rosh Hashanah New Year’s Service and a Yom Kippur Service at Fusion, a Messianic gathering: 
    - Fusion Rosh Hashanah New Year’s Service, Sun. Oct. 2nd at 6pm. Register HERE.
    - Fusion Yom Kippur Service, Tues., Oct. 11the at 6pm. Register HERE.

Creativity Catalyst
Find out about Creativity Catalyst at their event on Sat. Nov. 5th at 6:00pm. They encourage and empower artists to flourish in their craft and in their lives.  More information on their website and to register click HERE.

HPN 7 Day Devotional 
Keep your eyes open for a new HPN 7 Day Devotional that we will be posting soon.  We’ll let you know where to find it and how you can read a quote, a verse and then pray, reflect and act upon what you read.  And it ties in your personal spiritual growth with a spiritual need in Hollywood!
Community Calendar
Check out other special and on-going events on our calendar.
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Video of the Month
The power of film:  Exceptional Minds is a non-profit vocational school that trains adults with autism how to become digital effects professionals.  

Watch Here
Book of the Month​
“Beatles ‘66” By Steve Turner

“A riveting look at the The Beatles, who started off as hysteria-inducing pop stars playing to audiences of screaming teenage fans and ended up as musical sages considered responsible for ushering in a new era.” 
More Info
Tip of the Month
“5 Things I Learned From My First Job in Hollywood”
By Krista Parkinson
Read Here
Quote of the Month
“Worry is the sinful misuse of God’s gift of creativity.” 
Verse of the Month
“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?” Matthew 6:25, NIV
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