Hello Britten parents,

I’m really looking forward to our Outreach Concert Tour tomorrow.  This is always a really important day for the Britten boys.  It’s not only our chance to really make progress on our concert repertoire with multiple performances, but it’s the day when many boys feel a much deeper bond with the other boys in the group (this is actually a goal of ours—it’s part of our curriculum).

A few important things:

BOARD the BUS at WESTGATE: 8:05am
First Concert: Van Hise Elementary School 9:00am
If you are late, call the MYC Cell Phone: (608) 770-7464.

DRESS: red polos and jeans or khakis, tennis shoes. Bring binders.

LUNCH: bring your own. (Not too much sugar, please. Thanks!)

PHONES / ELECTRONICS: We will not be allowing any electronics on the bus. Please leave devices at home. If your singer needs a phone to call you at the end of the day, that’s okay, but it must remain in their bag all day. I’m going to tell the boys that if they have trouble with this rule, I will hold their phone for them throughout the day. We’re trying to restore some of the old ways that boys connected with each other pre-Smartphones (e.g. conversation, hand games, etc.) and not really need a screen or earbuds to be entertained.

If you are still planning to provide any costume piece or prop (we still need a spyglass, a wooden bucket, and a small velvet or cloth bag for “gold pieces”), please send it with your singer tomorrow, so we can inventory it. Please send items labeled with your singer's name. 

Extra Rehearsal, Wednesday, May 8
I am very proud that MYC is so good about publishing a calendar and sticking to it.  We know how busy families are, and we don’t make last minute changes. However, I’m going to break with tradition and add an extra optional rehearsal next week, Wednesday, May 8, 6-8 pm. I realize you may have an unavoidable conflict—if you can’t work around it, just let us know. I’ll provide pizza and snacks.

Why an extra rehearsal? I’m trying to account for absences which have put us a little behind, and also to make sure the boys feel confident for our very tight dress rehearsal with this amazing but very challenging music. We’ve never done anything like this, in the nearly 50 years of the Madison Boychoir!

3) WHEW!
Special thanks to Mahler families. I know this week is crazy and it’s a real commitment on your part, to make it happen. Thanks for your dedication and goodwill. (And by the way, it’s going to be breathtaking.)

Thanks, everyone!  Keep in touch with questions or concerns—I welcome them.

(608) 443-6551