March 2019

Raleigh Scherer,
JBBA President

President's Corner

Hello Beefmaster family! As we begin to settle down from our exciting stock show season, I would like to congratulate each and every one of you for your dedication and desire to be successful with Beefmasters. Our breed has recently gained the attention of several extremely important organizations such as USDA Meat Animal Research Center, Noble Research Institute, and the Texas A&M University Department of Animal Science. Not only are we making noteworthy progress toward success in the beef industry, we are also taking significant and prestigious victories over other breeds in the show ring as well. Our breeders should be getting more excited than ever to be involved in the Beefmaster breed, and we should capitalize on our time in the spotlight. Lets advance our cattle to new market highs we have not yet seen. This will take a united effort from the entire membership, but by working together we can accomplish anything.

In terms of progress, I would like to thank our JBBA Junior Leaders and Committees who are already putting in the work to make our National Show and Convention the best one yet. Please be on the look out for our social media updates on competitions and events as we get closer to Nationals. I can not wait to see how our junior association and adult breeders will take on the task of growing this breed, which holds a special place in each of our hearts. Thank you for joining me on this Beefmaster journey. I look forward to working with each of you along the path to bovine success.
JBBA Member Exhibits Beefmaster Heifer That Takes Top Honors at Houston Livestock Show

By Yvonne (Bonnie) Ramirez
JBBA Director of Youth Programs

BOERNE- Work hard, have fun and make history; that seems like quite the combination, doesn't it? Well on March 9th all that came to fruition. It was a great day for the Beefmaster breed when 16-year-old Caeden Scherer of Brenham, TX exhibited his Grand Champion Beefmaster heifer, BeBe, and claimed not only the Grand Champion American Heifer award at the Houston Livestock Show, but also took the Reserve Overall Supreme Champion Heifer honor. The champions were selected from more than 2,000 head of cattle. It was a monumental day for both the Scherer family and the Beefmaster breed.

Caeden is a sophomore at Brenham High School and is a member of the Brenham FFA chapter where he serves as the chapter secretary. He has been an active member of the Junior Beefmaster Breeders Association (JBBA) for seven years. Within those years he has been among the Top Ten All Around Champions at the annual JBBA National Shows. Caeden plans to run for JBBA office in the near future.

According to Karl Hengst, Managing Director of Livestock Competitions at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, to the best of his knowledge, this was the first time a Beefmaster was one of the top two heifers in the junior breeding heifer show.

“I have been truly amazed and blessed by this experience,” Caeden said. “It is an accomplishment I never dreamed of and I want to thank my family and the entire Collier Farms team for making this possible!” Caeden shared that this honor was the result of years of planned breeding, hard work and believing in Beefmaster cattle. He added, “I hope this win inspires all JBBA and BBU members in their breeding programs and reminds us all that nothing is impossible.”

CF BeBe 795/7 is 22 months old. Her sire is CF Riptide and her dam is Sugar Shana. Bebe's show career will continue until she “ages out.” She is bred to Red Eagle and expected to calf in May. BeBe was competing against almost 220 Beefmaster heifers when she claimed the Champion Beefmaster Heifer victory.

“Our ranch-raised kid took his ranch-raised heifer to Houston last week and made Beefmaster history,” Mona Scherer, Caeden’s mother, exclaimed! “I am certainly one excited and proud Momma!” Mona mentioned that they don’t raise “show cattle,” they just focus on raising good-quality, functional Beefmasters. “This one just happened to end up in the spotlight” Mona added. “Between BeBe’s powerful/feminine style and Caeden’s big heart, they got it done!” Seeing Caeden’s huge smile when he was selected as both Champion American Heifer and Reserve Overall Supreme Champion Heifer will always be one of Mona's most treasured memories.

Mona exclaimed, “I love this breed, I believe in this breed and I can’t help but believe that while this was truly a great day for us...it was a huge day for Beefmasters!”

Trey Scherer, father of Caeden and Beefmaster Breeders United Board member, said, “Beyond the obvious emotions of excitement and pride for our accomplishment at Houston, grasping the impact and gravity that a win like this can have on the breed presents a whole other dimension.” Trey went on to say, “Yes, this was one animal at one show, but it happened on one of the largest stages in the world and it was decided by three leading industry professionals, none of which were from Texas. When academics and respected cattle people from Kansas, New Mexico, and Missouri proclaim to the audience that this heifer, referring to Caeden's, is the kind in which the entire beef industry needs in which to move forward, the impact is real,” Trey said. He added, “They acknowledged that this red-hided, American breed female could compete in any arena and put her ahead of some of the most sought after British and Continental genetics in the world.” Trey said that it is his hope that with accomplishments like this and those of other high-quality cattle that Beefmaster breeders are now producing, that we will continue pushing the breed to its utmost potential making Beefmaster genetics the most desirable in the entire industry.

It was a significant day for the Beefmaster breed at one of the most prestigious major livestock shows in the nation. The coveted win is big for the Beefmaster breed.

Congratulations to Caeden and the Beefmaster breed for making history!


AI Program

Program Highlights:

  • JBBA members may contact BBU members from March 1- May 1 and purchase semen on bulls nominated from BBU breeders at a cost of $15 per straw of semen.
  • Semen purchased through the JBBA A.I. program by junior members is intended for the sole use of the purchasing junior only. It is NOT intended to be transferred to JBBA or BBU members, including family.
  • We encourage all JBBA members to contact the breeders that are offering
    discounted semen for sale on nominated bulls and visit with them about their
    bull(s) performance, EPDs, calf crops, disposition, etc.
  • We appreciate the generous and loyal support of the BBU breeders that are
    participating in the JBBA A.I. Program.
A Special Message From Your Director of Youth Programs,
Yvonne (Bonnie) Ramirez
"Life's a dance, sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow," pretty much sums up the last couple of months; don't you agree? Show season snuck up on us and just as quick as it came, it's almost gone. Stockshow season can bring a whirlwind of emotions just as it can be a whirlwind itself.

I hope everyone made memories, learned valuable life lessons, gained knowledge and experience as well as networked with industry leaders, peers, and breeders. Did you all promote and market Beefmasters? We have every reason to talk shop about our great breed! With attributes like maternal excellence, heterosis and adaptability; who can go wrong with our breed!

I am so happy and pleased with the attendance we had at our Fort Worth JBBA meeting. Wow! It was great to see the room jam packed, with standing room only. I loved the enthusiasm from both current and interested JBBA members. I'm excited to see some new contests being introduced to this year's Nationals as well as fun events like an ice cream social and a watermelon eating contest. I hope everyone is getting pumped up for Nationals; I sure am.

Next stop is Crockett, TX for the next JBBA meeting. I hope to see lots of faces there. We are diligently working behind the scenes to prepare for Nationals. We are working on our next big fundraiser and we are excited to be doing a 30 Day/30 Gun Raffle. Stay tuned for details to come in the very near future.

Don't forget to take advantage of this year's featured bulls that are part of the 2019 JBBA AI Program. The program is now open and ends on May 1. Make sure to thank the breeder(s) that nominated their bull(s) when purchasing semen. Remember: "Thank you" goes a very long way.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. If you haven't kept up with the array of JBBA pictures, I invite you to visit JBBA's Facebook and Instagram pages. We have several albums and individual pictures of meetings, shows, videos, etc.

Well... that's all I have. Until next time, JBBA'ers.

I wish you MUCH.. Much learning, growth, greatness, happiness, dreams and goals!

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JBBA Fun Facts

* JBBA has 755 members as of 3/18/19*

  • Fort Worth Stock Show Jr. Beefmaster Heifer Show: 217
(Largest purebred show. ORB-259)

  • San Antonio Stock Show Jr. Beefmaster Heifer Show: 127
(Second largest behind Brahman which had 165)

  • Houston Livestock Show Jr. Beefmaster Heifer Show: 219

  • Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show Jr. Beefmaster Heifer Show: 80

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  • March 30    SEBBA Dixie National JBBA Heifer Show,
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  • April 06     Rose Capital Classic Show JBBA Heifer Show, Shreveport, LA
  • April 20     East TX/LA Beefmaster Marketing Group's “Spring Fling” JBBA Heifer Show, Crockett, TX
  • April 20     JBBA Meeting, Houston County Extension Office- Senior Center Meeting Room, Crockett, TX
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  • July 21-26   JBBA National Show and Convention Belton, Texas
Junior Beefmaster Breeders Association (JBBA): JBBA's mission is to promote youth outreach through friendly competition, education and leadership skills while raising, showing and promoting quality Beefmaster cattle for the future of the industry.

JBBA was founded in 1984, as more and more young cattlemen became involved in the Beefmaster breed. Its membership has increased steadily, and the number of programs JBBA offers to its members has grown dramatically. JBBA is moving with the Beefmaster breed to the forefront of the beef cattle industry.