New Offerings

August 6h
"Manifesting Masterclass"

*New Teacher*
10:30 am
55 Minutes

*New Teacher*
7:30 am
"Yoga Booty Ballet"

*New Teacher*
10:30 am
"Kardio Sweat"

*New Teacher*
10:00 am
"Yoga Booty Ballet"

*New Class*
6:30 am
"Yoga Booty Ballet"

*August 12th*
"The Reset"
1:30 pm

*August 13th & 27th*
"Move & Restore Yoga"
Two Sundays
1:30 - 2:45 pm

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Dear --FNAME--,

Chaos is part of the game. Just look at The White House. It's high-profile staff are criticized, undermined and replaced. Positions are difficult to fill within the atmosphere of retribution, the Trump/Russia Investigation continues and lawsuits are waged and won. Journalists report this chaos, inciting a barrage of tweets denying the disorganization, but ultimately these reactions accumulate and contribute to it.

My desk appears to be a chaotic mess, too. Bills stack up, awaiting payment. Unfinished work splays scattered. Papers pinned here and there await attention. Emails and texts need responses. There is an abundance to corral and accomplish.

Yet there's plenty of room for Diablo to sprawl out. A glass of water rests, ready to be gulped down. Little pieces of art and beauty are positioned strategically offering inspiration. Calm can be found in chaos when we take a closer look.

The White House shelters a family who love each other. It offers employment to highly skilled, accomplished and successful workers from chefs and landscapers to secretaries, security personnel and executive assistants. A man with a harnessed gun stands ready nearby a beautiful woman in a soft dress. Problems occur and are resolved and new problems occur. At night, lights are dimmed and rest is received. Someone dreams.

I dread the way I feel when I'm rushing out of the house to fight traffic and get to SWERVE. Do I have my lunch and water bottle packed? Is my laptop charged, my playlists complete? How many phone calls do I need to return in the 20-minute commute? What surprises will greet me once I get to work?

And then I'm dancing in the studio, or moving my body in the gym, connecting with a client, folding towels or being of service behind the front desk. The chaos of the city dims like the lights in The White House in the wee hours. Just like in the vast Universe, space and nothingness take up most of the sky. Calm is present even in the chaos, but it appears hidden unless we vie to notice it.

There is nothing like the calm after a workout. Come to SWERVE to rediscover this for yourself.


Gillian Alexandria Clark
This coupon entitles any  SWERVE
 first-time student