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In May 2015
3:00 pm

*NEW Class*


with Emily Saltzman
A well-designed and creative workout for Moms that's child-interactve. Ideal for an afternoon activity post nap time. Connects Moms with other like-minded Moms.

12:30 pm

*NEW Class*

"Kardio Krunk"

with new SWERVE Instructor
Jeffrey LaRosa Adams

This class is AWESOME. Jeffrey is fun, seasoned and energetic teacher.
He can dance and he will show you the moves in many different styles to make you groove, sweat and get your SWERVE on!

8250 West 3rd St. #205
Los Angeles, CA 90048  
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Hello Beloved SWERVER,

Life is so sweet. All you have to do is step outside and look at the clear blue sky to know it. Infinite possibilities are the order of the day! When we focus on a desire, we're partnering with The Divine to make that desire manifest. Whatever we place attention on grows, whether that be a heartfelt claim or a detested aversion. Turn your attention to that which you truly wish to create. Put your energy there. Take aim, activate and then allow room for Grace to do it's easy work.

Your own positive expectancy is an ingredient in a joyful life, but just as much, is your openness to what you're not in charge of--the infinite possibilities that your life-collaborators (other people, imagination and Consciousness Itself) offer. Allow yourself to receive. In the spaciousness of receptivity, true creativity and even enlightenment may enter.

Your intuition is your guide and the more you follow it, the more clear and distinguished this inner guidance becomes. You can cultivate intuition through meditation and these classes are offered at SWERVE three times a week. You can also develop intuition by slowing down, relaxing and enjoying a little peaceful reflection. Go outside and take a look at the big blue sky and see what happens. This could be the start of a surprisingly positive new reality for you. Let yourself dream and allow The Unknown to do It's part.

As always, we look forward to having you at SWERVE. We appreciate you--myself and the whole team. We are here to serve as your life-collaborators and our work is in the arena of your highest good--your health, your wellness and your well-being. Join us for a workout today and we'll help provide the positive expectancy.


Gillian Alexandria Clark
This coupon entitles any SWERVE
first-time student
to their first class for only $10.
This coupon expires 5/31/2015. In-person redemption only. Show it to us on your phone.