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Hey Everyone,

I don't know about you, but I am full! Full of holiday cheer, holiday gratitude and holiday food!  And I am about ready to plan my new year. January is it. Time to set your new year off on the right foot. Mark your calendars because this is the month where you put into action the rest of 2018!

We have a workshop and class with Joseph Encinia that you simply

Backbending, core work, and an intermediate class are all lined up for you. If you have been practicing with us for a day or years, I promise you will gain insight into elevating your yoga practice and living a happier life, because really why do we do this yoga thing?

We do it to feel good, in the yoga room, but most importantly out of the yoga room.  We do this to live a happy healthy life! 

EARLY BIRD PRICING: Through December 31st sign up for the class and workshop individually for $30 each.  Price increases beginning January 1. Check the links below for more information and to preregister.  Preregistration is highly recommended.
January 13, 2018
with Joseph Encinia
International Teacher and Champion
1:00-3:00PM $30 by December 31st

Learn how your backbend and core are completely intertwined.  If you have been practicing with us for a while or it is your first time in the room, this workshop will leave you with new insight into the importance of both these elements to leading a healthy strong practice and a healthy life! ALL LEVELS ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND.

4:00-5:30PM, $30 by December 31st

Learn techniques to move into further expressions of postures and learn some new postures while you are at it! You will see your body in a new way! ALL LEVELS ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND.

Open House
Join us for a special Open House, Saturday, January 6th. 
Free classes all day long and special deals for everyone. 
Tell a friend. Bring a friend. You come too. 
There's More...
Yoga Challenge #getyouryearon
Begins January 17th
$20 to register or FREE*
Challenge yourself to step up your game with a regular yoga practice. This time, you make the rules. How many classes can you commit to in a week? How many to make you feel stronger, more flexible, and really begin to see change in your body AND mind? You decide. And of course, we can help you decide on a number.  Let's plan together!

Plus you will receive nutritional support and information throughout the workshop.  This includes a 1 hour Nutrition Workshop. 

*And guess what? If you sign up for Joseph's class and/or workshop you are automatically entered into the challenge FREE OF CHARGE.

Sign up begins January 1st. Stay tuned for more info.

You excited about January? I am!
-Jess | (201) 592-1477 | 536 Bergen Blvd. Palisades Park, NJ