JANUARY 10, 2019

New church for the un-churched

The Rev. Brenda Carroll began talking to her pastors about "Fresh Expressions" when she was a superintendent in Chattanooga. When she was reappointed, she encouraged her Knoxville-area pastors to try this new way of doing church. Carroll finally found a taker at a church named, appropriately, New Life United Methodist. Read the story.

5 reasons to start a Dinner Church


Jesus liked to have dinner with sinners. Maybe the old-old way of doing church is the new way to reach people who aren't going to come to our buildings on Sunday morning. Read the story.

Churches begin response during shutdown


Churches throughout the Baltimore-Washington Conference are directly impacted by the U.S. government shutdown, now in its third week. Some are preparing to help families who may not receive food stamps if the shutdown continues. From the Baltimore-Washington Conference. Read the story.

Trying to keep the free clinic open


Morgan-Scott Project is searching for physicians who can help keep the free clinic open for the poverty-stricken in Deer Lodge, Tennessee. Dr. Tom Kim, age 74, closed the clinic last month after years of hard work. From the Knoxville News Sentinel. Read the story.

4-year-old sells hot chocolate for good cause


The daughter of a Knoxville youth pastor was eating pancakes and hot chocolate shortly before Christmas, when out of the blue, she announced she wanted to raise money so needy kids could have presents. From Farragut Press. Read the story.


Holston Delegation
GC Listening Post: Jan. 12 in Knoxville


Holston Hispanic Ministries
Jan. 18-19 ESL training: Scholarships offered


United Methodist Communications
Human Relations Sunday: Jan. 20


Holston Youth Ministries

Resurrection: Jan. 25-27 in Pigeon Forge


Holston Young Adult Ministries
Divine Rhythm: Feb. 1-3 in Gatlinburg


Holston Children's Ministries
Change for Children grant applications: Feb. 15


Wesley Leadership Institute
Convocation: Feb. 18-20 in Pigeon Forge


Holston Older Adult Ministries
Jubilation: May 6-8 in Pigeon Forge


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