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News from Bartlett's Farm 
July 29,  2015
Open 8-7 every day
Open 9-6 Every Day at 21 Old South Wharf
Main Street Truck and 'Sconset Truck -  Mon-Sat 9-1 

Reasons to Buy Locally Grown Food

Locally grown food tastes better because it's fresher
and ripened on the vine.
Food grown at Bartlett's is picked to  maximize freshness, flavor, quality and taste. Much of it is harvested within two hours of when it goes in the market. We pick tomatoes and melons ripe and ready to eat -
they haven't been sitting on a refrigerated truck for a week before reaching us!

Local food supports local farm families.
With fewer than one million Americans now claiming farming as their primary occupation, farmers are a vanishing breed.  

Local food preserves genetic diversity.
We grow a large number of varieties to provide a long season of harvest; an array of eye-catching colors, and the best flavors.  Many are heirlooms, chosen for flavor, not for shipping. 

Local food builds community.
When you buy direct from the farmer, you are re-establishing a time-honored connection between your family and the farmer.  Knowing the farmer gives you insight into the seasons, the weather, and the miracle of raising food.  When you take one of our tours, you and your children and can learn about nature and agriculture. 

Local food preserves open space.
Do you enjoy the view when you drive or bike out to the farm? When you buy locally grown food, you are doing something proactive about preserving the agricultural landscape.

Local food supports a clean environment and benefits wildlife.
A well-managed family farm is a place where the resources of fertile soil and clean water are valued.  As good stewards of the land, we grow cover crops to prevent soil erosion and replace nutrients used by vegetable crops.

Local food is about the future.
By supporting local farmers today, you can help ensure that there will be farms in your community tomorrow, and that future generations will have access to nourishing, flavorful and abundant food.
When you leave Nantucket, please support your local farmer wherever you live!

Look for the Farm-Grown logo to see which produce is grown right here at the farm!
It's time for the next event in the big tent in the field! The Nantucket Historical Association's annual Antiques and Design Show will be held From July 29 through August 3. Click here for more details and more information. 
Summer means Beach Time
If you haven't taken time to go the the beach yet, just go.
Take an hour and hear the soothing sounds of gulls and waves.  
Whether you go in the daytime or evening, you can be sure we have lots of items to make your beach trip more enjoyable.  
Towels, chairs, umbrellas, games for all ages.
Chilled beverages, ready-made food, take away dinners,
all kinds of snacks and fruit (see Carlson peaches below)
So grab a lobster dinner and a bottle of wine
or Kombucha to take to the beach.  We promise you won't regret it.
Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals presents
Paws for the Cause - Dressed to the K-Nines
The event will be held in the shade garden this year with a farm to table dinner to start, then dessert and a doggie fashion show. All proceeds benefit the animal shelter.  
Tuesday August 4 5:30-9:30.
Click the link above for more information.
From the Garden Center
Pottery and perennials are 20% off!
Are your gardens looking a little tired and burned out from all the heat and lack of rain?  We have a great selection of annuals and perennials to pop in to replace them!
(sale does not include crocks or plastic pots)
Carlson Peaches - Perfection
Carlson Orchards in Harvard, MA sends us the most delicious peaches and nectarines.  
Read more of their story here. 
You have two more opportunities to join Hilary on Flower Cutting Tours!
Spend an hour in the flower patch and pick a bunch of flowers for your home! We will provide the flower snips.
Cost is $25 per person. Register with these links.
What's Fresh From the Fields and Greenhouses?
Arugula, Kale, Spinach, Greens Mix, Mesclun Mix, Swiss Chard
  Basil, Chives, Cilantro, Curly Parsley, Dill, Italian Parsley, Lemon Thyme, Lemon Verbena, Mint, Oregano, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Tarragon 

Corn (the variety is 'Temptation')
Cabbage - green + purple + Napa
Carrots (3 varieties)
Cauliflower - white, cheddar (orange) + graffiti (purple)
Cucumbers - green + white + pickling
(Try this
Fattoush Salad with the white slicers)
Cue Ball, 8-ball and Summer Ball Squash
Head Lettuce - 10 varieties
Radishes - red, amethyst + ping pong (white) + French Breakfast
Scallions (Green and Purple)

Zucchini - Green + Golden
Green Beans and Wax Beans  and purple
Cherry tomatoes
Grape Tomatoes
Peppers - purple, white, green bell, sweet grilling

From the Greenhouses
Cherry Tomatoes
Grape Tomatoes
Upcoming Events-So Much Going On!

July 27-August 7 - The Nantucket Fashion Workshop (in the Hayloft)

​August 5 - Nantucket Land Council’s 41st Annual Meeting, 5pm in the Hayloft.  Reception to follow in the Garden Center.
Free and open to the public.

August 8- Skar Designs jewelry trunk show in front of the market